Why Is My Boyfriend Still on Online Dating Sites?

No relationship exists without jealousy, and in a sense, it shows that there are true feelings between people. If your boyfriend has an online dating profile, maybe it’s time to talk about your relationship.

The problem is that there are two types of jealousy: healthy and ill that have different types of expression. Some examples will help you to understand the difference between them and understand which one you have. For example, it is not okay if your boyfriend posts provocative photos with other girls or compares you with other ladies, offers others a drink or invites somebody to dance, writes another girl to get acquainted and you should not take this as it is.

Analyze the Situation

The main rule in such situations is not to panic or make scandals. You should tell directly which actions you do not like and why. Healthy jealous includes sending a lot of messages, calls when your partner is at parties or a negative reaction on communication with other men/women. At the same time has respect for personal space and understanding that there are just women and men in the world and no third gender.

There is a lot of fashionable blogs that set up girls against their boyfriends and recommend them to behave detached or take offense without any explanations. Comments like «My boyfriend is on a dating site. What does it mean» or «his dating profile is still active» can be found on different chats, which provide so-called «quick psychological help» for women that have difficulties in private lives. The problem is that most women do not want to be responsible for own actions. Some ladies do not know how to behave and blindly trust/follow stupid tips. First of all, every relationship depends on two partners equally. So all problems should be discussed and solved together. Secondly, the one who does not use her brain and uses recommendations found on chats, blogs, magazines are condemned to solitude.

Does Your Boyfriend Luck Communication?

Today there is a lot of special apps that help people to find partners for long-term communication (dating, marriage) or short relationships (to spend a night). Besides, many dating websites also provide an international communication experience. Such platforms are developed for lonely people. But what does it mean if a boyfriend has an online dating profile? The truth is that sometimes guys just need communication with other girls. It does not always mean that they want to hook up with others. An important thing is whether this profile is still active or not. The first scenario predicts that this profile is old and was not used for a while. Then there is no reason to worry.

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What to Do If He’s on a Dating Site?

The second situation requires a great plan of action, patience, and an adequate assessment of the situation. If you 100 percent know, that your boyfriend uses his profile on dating platforms, try to ask him why he does that. You need to figure out whether he still has feelings for you. Certainly, you can not get the truth immediately, but it is unnecessary to provoke quarrels or make pressure. Be careful while asking to delete an account, because nobody likes being said what to do, controlled or monitored even online. Having and using an account on dating sites, long-term chatting with other girls (not friends!) are not okay in healthy relationships. You never should feel abused, cheated, or depressed.

So, how should girls behave in such situations? The first option is to let the situation go. If your guy pays you a lot of attention, you should not think about such trifles as messaging with other people and overthink. Having an account can mean nothing. But our imagination always reflects our fears and makes us think about all the worst. Communication and trust are the parts of a relationship’s foundation. Discussing such problems helps to save a relationship and understand what exactly partners are expecting from each other.

Ask Directly

Do you feel that something is wrong with your couple and relationship has cracked, but do not know how to fix everything? Then you definitely should talk. Such a way of solving misunderstandings is the best because both partners deserve to know what is happening. Remember, that ignorance never works and just spoils the connection between partners.  If your boyfriend has an active account on dating sites and uses it for acquaintances with other girls, it is not okay.

Never Try to Be Sherlock

All women tend to be curious, but sometimes, this quality works against them. Because of the wish to know everything about a partner’s connection with other people, women can monitor likes, followers and follow or check an online-status. Also, many women often make scenes of jealousy without good reasons or arguments. Such behavior repels men because they want to communicate not just with their girlfriend, but also with other people. Besides, ladies-Sherlocks get paranoid and look comically.


Singles on the websites differ from live meetings. Sometimes people can be interesting while messaging and boring in real life or conversely. Certainly, communication on online dating sites as POF or Tinder precedes dates, but messaging does not always mean that your boyfriend wants to date somebody else in real life. It is clear that having an active account on dating webpages while dating is not fine. Never be afraid to break up a relationship that makes you unhappy, in which you feel unwanted, not loved, used, humiliated. If you are asking why is my boyfriend still on online dating sites, maybe he is not that honest as you think he should be. It is always much worse to get attached to someone who does not need you, to idealize him in your head than to stay alone.