Chinese Brides


Over the past decade, China has steadily spread its wings and legs across the world in terms of production and technology, but that’s not the only area they are getting big at.

The 21st century has seen a huge rise in online dating and interaction, thanks to the advancement of the internet and availability of mobile communication technology. Dating is now as easy as a simple registration online, and millions of people every year find true love from the comfort of their phones or computers.

A lot of men across the world these days find interracial love to be exciting and perfect for them, and the best place they go to in search for this is China.

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Although over the years, through strict child policies and birth control enforcement in China, there has been a huge imbalance in the ratio of male to female, in a bid to control their surging population, the government enforced a strict policy that only allowed for parents to have just one child. Even though this policy tilted the population figures towards the side of the male, there are over 250 million Chinese ladies who are ready to experience global love.

Why Chinese Women?

chinese brides

Chinese girls cherish their culture. China is one of the very few countries in the world that have stood with their culture against the influx of westernization. They preserve their tradition, part of which urges the lady to only go into relationships that would eventually lead to marriage. Marriage is adored in China. It’s part of the many cultural practices they pay utmost attention to. This is why it is not advisable for a man to meet a woman’s parent if he does not have the intention of marrying her.

Chinese ladies are extremely beautiful and sexy! They are an exact reflection of their alluring and sensual photos on magazines and movies. Their awesome genetics makes them fit for a long time, and it also helps them maintain an amazing shape regardless of their age.

They also possess homely behavior. This is because the Chinese culture believes that women should take care of the home while the men take care of the family as a whole. A lot of men want a homely woman who would take care of their home to the best of their ability. Marriage is a long-term contract, and it is best enjoyed when duties and responsibilities are shared with the comfort of both parties.

Another reason why marrying Chinese women is the real deal is their love for fitness and remaining in shape. They rarely hit the gym, and this happens because they don’t necessarily have to. They consume low fat and mostly drink hot water to help melt the little fat stored in them. This is the reason why there are a lot of skinny Chinese women, and it’s an established fact that western men love skinny women.

Characteristic of Chinese Brides?

Chinese Brides are the ultimate goal for men who want submissive, calm, focused and homely women as wives. These women are also in need of men who would take them as his, hence the search for western men.

Chinese Brides barely age in looks because of their genetics and the type of food they eat. A Chinese woman that is 40 or 50 could easily pass for being 20 or 30. For men who fear that their wives could get very fat after marriage, China is the best place to find women who simply won’t.

Their lifestyle is not extravagant and unnecessarily flashy.

They are also obsessed with being natural. They have adorable and clean skin, and they prefer to remain so. Hardly would anyone see a black Chinese or a tanned Chinese. They love their skin color and they take a good diet to maintain it.

Where to meet Chinese women

chinese women

The constant demand for Chinese mail order brides has led to the creation of many Chinese dating websites. Presently, there are more than 500 different Chinese dating websites, featuring different brides from different parts of China.

Some of these dating websites feature fake profiles and bots, but a large number of them feature real, genuine and certified profiles of Chinese singles. is a website made for people seeking Asian love. It is one of the most popular online dating sites. The site is home to over 350,000 accounts of real who are looking for love. There are over 50,000 Chinese singles on who are willing to become wives to westerners and other men from across the world. There is a triple verification process of accounts, a free and easy registration, a simple and extended search feature, and a strong preference filter that delivers the best result. The site has profiles with quality pictures, plus advanced and well-developed security and privacy protection policies.

On, newly registered members are gifted with 20 credits to communicate, interact, flirt and send gifts to other users. Once the credit is exhausted, users are encouraged to buy more credits. This fee is nothing compared to the end result, because the women are willing and ready to take the bold step of marriage.

In general, is one of the best sites to go in search of the perfect Chinese mail bride.

Pros and cons of


  • Guaranteed 128-bit SSL encryption to protect credit card information
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  • Free stress-free registration
  • No monthly memberships
  • Mobile application (IOS)
  • Access to real Chinese singles


  • Fake profiles (common to almost every dating site)
  • IOS application only
  • Messages are not entirely free.


FindAsianBeauty holds a strong reputation for being arguably one of the very best dating sites in this age of online dating. Its large members’ database and positive reviews from long-term members is one of the reasons why it’s on this list. When it comes to service and customer satisfaction, very few dating sites can compete with FindAsianBeauty There are more than 250,000 registered members on, with about 1,500 new members monthly. It is one of the fastest growing dating websites because of its arrays of quality profiles of real women.

About FindAsianBeauty

Putting into consideration the high demand of Chinese singles and brides, features Chinese women on their sites for members across the world to get involved with. These women are real and dedicated. They are willing to chat, date and even take things to the level of marriage. While dating someone online is a bit tricky, with the help of sites like FindAsianBeauty, getting connected with an ideal match or fit has never been easier.

Like, navigating around the website looking for a match is quite simple. Members also purchase credits in order to be able to send messages, flirt, wink, gifts and many other things. Registration is free and simple. Users can purchase credits with credit cards or PayPal. Newly registered members are given free credits after registration, and a lot of generous reviews have sustained the authenticity of FindAsianBeauty as a legitimate site.

After registration, members are allowed to view and search for potential matches with the Chinese singles filter.

FindAsianBeauty uses double encryption policy and triple encryption filter for profiles and accounts.

There are Anti-Scam policies to protect their customer. 128-bit SSL encryption and 24 hours customer service is one of the reasons people feel comfortable with FindAsianBeauty.

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  • Fakes and spam (a very small percentage)
  • No mobile applications
  • Messages are not free

There is a large variety of dating sites scattered across the online world nowadays. It has now become so easy and seamless to find one’s match and then make it work just by sending messages to from miles away. is a website for all, particularly Chinese singles who want to explore with people from other countries. Registration is free and fast. carefully checks all profiles. Every user needs to verify the identity in order to use the website. This means there’s a 99.9% chance of actually meeting your true love. The site has a growing number of members totaling up to more than 150,000. With its gaining popularity and excellent review, it’s bound to reach millions in the coming years. Chinese women on are between the age of 18-66, and they are very attractive with their profiles showing quality beautiful pictures.


Another quality place to find beautiful Chinese Brides is DateAsianWoman. It’s a website specifically built for people who want marriage. The site has a reputation for being one of the best dating sites for Chinese women and western men. Thousands of Chinese women have found husbands on DateAsianWoman. And it’s still growing which means that thousands of more users would find true love as time progresses. The site features the popular user interface. Registration is free and easy. On DateAsianWoman, new members are not given free credits upon registration, but this doesn’t in any way diminish their quality. More than 1,000 members register every month on the website, with a good number of them being Chinese single women searching for love.

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  • Huge coverage of women. Bravodate has a huge network of women that spans across the world.
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  • No free messaging
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  • No mobile applications is an exciting place to be for men looking for Chinese singles. Several features on the site make it impossible not to consider it as one of the best sites to meet Chinese women. They offer various features that enable a user to find a quick match and a perfect fit. A large number of registered members on makes it very easy to find a match. There are more than 500,000 members on who want to experience a love so true. Chinese women on are very beautiful and exceptionally perfect for marriage. Their profiles vary from traditional Chinese women to modern Chinese women. also has in place several additions to help foster a relationship and make it bloom into something amazing. Their customer support is top-notch, the security is extremely tight, and general reviews have scored them a 5/5 when it comes to quality profiles. For more than 10 years, has steadily reiterated its desire to help connect people across the world with exciting search features, comfortable chat features and highly recommended registered members. Finding a wife across thousands of miles can make someone unsure at times, but with the help of, an unsure adventure becomes an exciting journey that is easy to navigate.

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  • Messages are not free
  • No mobile applications
  • No monthly subscription

Chinese Dating Culture

It is important to know that marrying a Chinese woman is not cheap, at least not for the average Chinese man. They have a culture that stipulates a bride price of around 200,000 yuan (Roughly $30,000). An average Chinese man would find it hard to raise this money, but it’s not entirely difficult for a Westerner.

The Chinese culture believes that a woman should find a husband by 28. Otherwise, people will consider her a “Sheng nu”, it’s a derogatory term that translates as “leftover woman.”

Millions of Chinese women are on the verge of being labeled a Cheng Nu. So they are in serious search for a partner. Even though there are more single Chinese men than women, certain factors complicated for them the process of marrying each other.

What a potential suitor needs to know about Chinese Brides

chinese beautiful ladies

Note, however, that as submissive as Chinese women are, they are ambitious and won’t just settle for being a housewife. Literacy level in China roughly stands at 90%, and a large percentage of these women have goals and dreams. It is advisable then to be specific to a woman before entering a long-term agreement with her.

Always show respect to your Chinese bride. They don’t like being overtly dominated and pressed down by a man. It’s important to treat her with care, not shout or swear hurtful words at her, and make sure she feels assured and safe. A Chinese bride won’t allow herself to be trampled upon and treated anyhow. They know their worth and they are quick to uphold it anywhere across the world.

Don’t be too quick to rush them into a new culture or way of life. Always be gentle when teaching them new things, and be particular about their needs and wishes. A lot of them are shy, so one has to be patient with them.

Be careful not to be too apolitical and unnecessarily loud about religious views. Culture differs, so do religion and political views. Conflicts are bound to arise when one is overwhelming with his own personal beliefs and opinions.

Respect their families, no matter how small or large. Chinese women cherish their families, and once you respect her family, you’ve taken a very big spot in her heart. They look up to their parents, and to some extent expect their husbands to too. It’s important to value the opinion of her parents.


In conclusion, Chinese women are the new wave of beautiful marriages now. Men are rushing online to find their own ideal Chinese woman, and it’s not hard to wonder why. As discussed above, Chinese women possess a lot of admirable qualities that make marrying them a very good decision. It’s hard not to want to marry a woman who respects her husband, loves him, adores him, cherishes him, motivates him, and is loyal to him through thick and thin. Men want calm, relative peace and beauty in their homes, and these things are what Chinese women offer without much stress.

Not only is China dominating the world market, very soon, but almost every home in the west would also have a Chinese woman, and it’s going to be a beautiful sight to behold.

In a world of millions of women from thousands of cultural background, it’s safe to say that Chinese women are among the top picks for any man who wants to enjoy his marriage without drama and unnecessary conflict that is rampant nowadays.