Flirt Review

What do we expect from a dating website? It must satisfy a need for killing loneliness. Some people aim to find 1 partner for a serious relationship. Others are looking only for having fun, they need the attention of many people at once. It is possible to achieve these goals in one place? Certainly, yes. 

About Flirt

There are popular dating portals like that connect lonely hearts from around the world and fulfill all of their romantic needs. A Flirt dating site has been on the dating market for 10 years. Since then it gained more than a million members worldwide. Let’s find out in this review if the killing time on will change your relationship status and how hard you must try.


All Flirt reviews emphasize that it takes a few minutes to create an account. You will have to fill in a few fields (like username, email, your gender and gender of the one you’re looking for). To finish registration of your account you must click the activation link that is automatically sent to all new users. After this you can return to the Flirt website, log in or sign in and continue filling your dating profile. Many users complain that they come across a lot of poorly completed profiles. So, if you pay enough attention to it and select photos of good quality, your profile will have many chances to stand out. 

Search and Profile Quality

Flirt is a global dating website. You can meet people from each continent, but users from the USA prevail. The number of registered users now is about 1 million people. Not all dating websites can boast with such a large amount of users. If you’re a citizen of America and you pursue the idea of getting into a relationship with a person from Europe, Flirt definitely worth trying. However, the more choices you’ve got the more lost you may be. Flirt has several search options, so it is not troublesome to find a single person of your type. 

The most numerous age group consists of people who are 20-35 years old. According to stats, mostly young people use Flirt. However, if you take a look at profile photos at male accounts, you may notice that they look much older. So there is no guarantee that users don’t lie about age in their profiles.

Means of Communication

The first one is to send winks, and the second one is to send messages. After registration, users are given five free chats that they can use to five different members. Their replies and other succeeding messages are locked for male users and automatically deletes after 24 hours unless they upgrade to a premium membership. Women, on the other hand, can reply to messages from other users for free.

Extra Features

If using classic ways of matching like the search makes you bored, at Flirt you can engage in interactive games. There are a few interactive extra features to make time spent on the site in a more fun way. For instance, a user can compose a flirting message and broadcast it to all online users. Those, who were attracted by it may wink you or even text and you can start communication. In such a way you can browse many profiles and chose the best for you.

There are some things that distinguish experience on from other dating websites. If you want to make the best presentation of yours, it is possible to download a video about yourself. Video-presentation will both a good proof of account authenticity and openness towards others. 

Premium users can enjoy unique and pleasant website specials.  For example, such a feature as Naughty mode allows users to see intimate photos of other profiles. So you pay not only for a chance to get in touch with a person but get something exclusive. 

Safety has a bad reputation for having a significant amount of fake accounts. All dating website desperately fight with scammers, this is a real challenge for them. To prevent websites from fake users more and more dating companies require different ways of verification. is a website that requests users to undergo photo verification. After the moderator approves your profile photo, your account becomes active. So. how do scammer mess with photo verification? They download pictures of celebrities or any other images found on the web. It is not a surprise that admins may overlook some of the fake images. 

Some users claim that they received photo and video content from other users even when their account hasn’t been activated yet. To see this content a paid subscription is required. Such suspicious activity is nothing but a lure for new users to purchase a subscription plan. 

From time to time, website administrators scan profiles on the matter of scam activity. If a suspicious person texts you, Flirt will notify you whether this person is under observation for an antiscam activity or not.


The funniest thing about is that this dating website requires premium membership for men, but is free for women! What logic stands behind that is a mystery. Does it mean that men are more solvent users of online services? Or that this platform is only an entertainment for men and all female profiles are fake? It makes a vague impression of However, according to reviews of real users, many of them are satisfied and assure that they met real people. Moreover, a 3-trial membership for minimal cost is available for new male users as well as a partial refund. Rare online website agencies provide guarantee a moneyback for users, who were not satisfied with a service.

The Verdict is not a new player in the dating business and now you know wether is Flirt legit real dating site with some scam and fake accounts. Its audience includes people from different countries and even continents that make this dating platform international. It has enough tools to sustain an effective dating experience. No matter what you’re up to, have fun while flirting with users or find a wife for the marriage, this website can satisfy your goals. It faces the same problems as other dating platforms like the existence of fake profiles and a lack of personal information in user accounts. You can solve these issues by contacting the support center. Giving a try to will not be a waste of time, but getting experience on other dating websites will raise your chances to fulfill your romantic needs.