Baltic Brides

Thanks to the rapid development of technology, meeting people all over the world has become possible. Instant messages have drastically changed the way we date. So the international dating community comes closer together.

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to register on one of the multiple online dating sites. Today you can immediately expand the area of your search for love. Men are not limited to their hometown location anymore. They can choose themselves a lady from as far or as close to home as they wish.  Now Western men can find a bride even in the Baltic region. As there are many brides from Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia.

Mail Order Brides

baltic brides

Of course, we cannot omit the problem of there still being a stigma against this concept of mail order bride services. Therefore, it is important to explain who mail order brides are. So you don’t refer to them as ‘brides for sale’. First of all, these women are just any single females who decide to sign up to an online dating website. They want to find themselves a man from a foreign country. Secondly, the term ‘buy a bride’ is a figurative expression that should never be taken literally. Such websites do not sell women, for an array of obvious reasons, but rather collect a small membership fee for using the platform’s services.

That being said, it needs to also be clarified that you do not pay for the good grace of any particular mail order bride. You pay only for using the website itself and the features it provides. Thus, you give money for the facilities. And the actual fact of any particular girl on there liking you is entirely up to you.

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Appearance of Baltic Mail Order Brides

baltic single ladies

Baltic brides are pretty much all slim and tall. They pay a lot of attention to their diets and regular exercise. It is important for these ladies to be in good shape as it allows them to feel more confident.

  • They have a rather fair complexion.
  • Although hair colors vary from woman to woman, in general, the natural hair color of Baltic girls is blonde.
  • They tend to have light eyes.

Belarusian girls invest a lot in their appearance. They love to look good. An essential part of their everyday style is elegance. Baltic brides tend to choose rather modest clothes in order not to come off as easy.

Baltic Women Characteristics

The following characteristics are considered to be the national average, and constitute a general image of Baltic women. Nevertheless, one of the most important things to remember is that despite the fact this article, indeed, seeks to compile a broad overview of Baltic girls, all of them are, in fact, unique and will not necessarily have all of these traits. Therefore, if you like the vibe you get from these ladies, do not hesitate to connect with them yourself.

Natural Beauty

And, of course, the most obvious fact about these ladies, which probably was the initial factor that caused your interest in sexy single Baltic brides, they are gorgeous! This is mentioned in absolutely all Baltic brides reviews, but only because it is the truth! Although brides across the Balkan region differ significantly in the way they look, their appearances are still very appealing.

Baltic women pay a lot of attention to the way they look, so they invest a lot of time, effort and money to make sure they are flawless. What constitutes a usual Baltic woman’s beauty routine is: manicures, pedicures, regular haircut, dermatologists, etc.

Moreover, apart from turning to professionals to maintain their beauty, they also do a lot of home procedures. Women from Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia know how to enhance their natural beauty with cosmetics.

baltic mail order brides

Apart from that, Baltics love to look bright not only in the summer but also in winter. Baltic winter is cold and long, but it does not stop Baltic ladies from embracing their femininity. These women are great fans of dresses and skirts that would show their gorgeous shapes. In fact, beautiful figures are yet another thing Baltic women can boast. It is a beauty standard in Baltic countries to be slim, so ladies have healthy diets and exercise regularly to stay in shape.

Incredible Hospitality

However, if you manage to capture a Baltic girl’s heart, be sure you will be treated with the highest degree of respect. To those whom Baltic women welcome in their homes and their lives, they are the sweetest and the most attentive hosts. They will sure thing make you feel comfortable and do everything for you to have the time of your life.

Loyalty and Commitment

Baltic ladies know exactly where they are headed with their marriage, so if they choose someone to be their partner, it is most likely to be their final decision. They are the ride-or-die type and do not accept any hesitation when it comes to loyalty within a relationship. They praise their boyfriends and husbands and most definitely respect them. Therefore, the Baltic bride will never discuss their marriage related problems with their girlfriends as girls of other nationalities often do. What happens in the family stays in the family. Moreover, Baltic women are excellent psychologists, so they will always try to work things out before taking any sporadic actions.


Baltic people believe in love for life. Once they realize their feelings for you they will shower you with love, happiness and passion. They are very eager to show their emotions and dedicate their entire lives to their soulmates.

So, now that you are familiar with the traits these ladies have, you may wonder where do you find Baltic women for marriage.

Where to Look for Baltic Brides?

The vast majority of girls there are stunning, which could be one of the greatest challenges you would face — choosing a foreign beauty to communicate with.

This article is aimed at helping you with this: the following text is focused on drawing an extensive yet compact overview of the mysterious Baltic ladies that have always been the subject of foreign men’s desires.

As discussed previously, it is best to use online dating platforms to look for Baltic singles. However, there are still some factors to consider as there are specific rules in regards to using mail order brides services. First of all, it is mandatory for you to only turn to trustworthy sites, because, unfortunately, not all platforms on the internet are what they seem. You have to beware of all the dangers that come with choosing a fake site: those services that do not provide an extensive protection system are often flooded with scammers trying to rip off naïve members. For you to avoid such a situation, we have prepared a couple of reliable online dating sites to find a bride from the Baltic region.


DateRussianGirl is the best site for meeting and dating Baltic women for marriage. It is a huge and well-known international online dating platform with a lot of profiles of Baltic ladies. Moreover, it has a transparent 128-bit SSL encrypted payment system that ensures your financial safety on the site. One more important advantage is an extensive and useful search tool that matches people well based on their preferences and values in life


We hope this article has helped you to learn about the Baltic dating culture so now you know whether you like Baltic women for marriage or don’t. And if you do, you can follow our recommendations to find singles from Baltic regions on the most reliable dating sites.