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This article gives a detailed insight into the fantastic specialness of Estonian brides and their belief about marriage. Here, you would find out why a lot of men are rushing online to find their pick of Estonian women to make them their brides.

As each day passes, the world progresses in several sectors, and a lot of this progress is being initiated through the internet world. One of the developing areas of these numerous sectors is online dating. Online dating is one of the best technological advancements to ever happen to humanity. It has massively replaced the now orthodox and archaic way of dating. Unlike the kind of dating that existed some fifteen to twenty years back, online dating has hugely eliminated stress, expenses, and a lot of risks.

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Finding the right woman is an adventure that requires patience, love and determination; this is why a lot of men are moving their search online because it’s easier and faster than the old way of love letters, post mail and waiting for replies that might take months to come. Nowadays, with simple registrations and some clicks online, you could be chatting with your dream woman within minutes, and if both of you find a way around the distance, you would have traveled thousands of miles from the comfort of your mobile phone or laptop at little or no cost at all.

Love is an art that should be enjoyed. It is the best thing that can happen to man, and that is why a lot of men are looking for true love everywhere. While it’s true that you can find love anywhere, one of the best places to find a perfect bride is Estonia!

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Estonian women tick all the boxes on your wish list for a perfect bride, and what’s more, is that there are millions of them out there looking for real love too. What’s stopping you from meeting?

Why Men Choose Estonian Mail-Order Brides

Estonian single ladies

There are more than a thousand reasons why a lot of men are chasing Estonian women. These women are perfect brides who take marriage with every sense of dignity. They pamper their husbands, and they make marriage look like the beautiful thing that it’s meant to be. With a woman from Estonia, there’s a considerable chance that you can never go wrong when it comes to marrying beautiful singles. You might be wondering why there’s a high demand for Estonian mail-order brides, below are some of the reasons why these women are suitable for marriage.

They are Committed Towards Marriage

Even though there are more women than men in Estonia, their culture still emphasizes the fact that women should be submissive to their men. The country is one of the few countries that have not displaced their tradition due to western dominance. Men are seen as the head, while women are given a lot of respect because they see them as life’s teachers. The average Estonian woman cherishes marriage, and this is a major reason why they are always eager to please their husbands. An Estonian woman would make a perfect bride for a man who’s searching for a submissive woman that cherishes marriage.

Estonian Women are Very Beautiful

estonian brides

It is a known and well-established fact that a lot of men are attracted first to physical looks. Almost every man wants a beautiful bride, and this is one thing about Estonian women; they are very beautiful! On numerous occasions, Estonian girls have held their own in beauty contests and can rival women from anywhere in the world at any given time. These women have the highest percentage of colored eyes in the world. It is believed that an estimated ninety-nine percent of Estonian women have colored eyes. Also, their awesome genetics makes it very rare for them to go obese. So, if you’re looking for a place where you can find a bride that is beautiful as well as homely, look no further than Estonia.

They are Hardworking

One of the many things a lot of men are concerned about when they want to find a woman for couple life is whether the wife would be able to take care of the home. Not only are Estonian women good at this, but they are also hardworking and strong-willed. An Estonian bride cherishes her family with all she has. She would do anything to protect her home, and based on the fact that they are elegant people, they take pride in making their homes very beautiful and lovely. These women love to do productive work, which is another plus to a man who marries an Estonian woman. It is also essential to know that they love fashion. An Estonian bride always wants to look good for herself and her husband, so they take a lot of time to stay fashionable and trendy without being extravagant.

They are Well-Educated

It might come as a surprise, but Estonian women have the highest literacy rate in the world. Education is very valued in Estonia, especially for their women. The literacy rate in Estonia stands at an astonishing 99.8% of the over one million citizens of the country. The women have a fantastic reputation for being very intelligent and productive. They have been projected as one of the most advanced countries in the nearest future due to their productivity. These statistics show that an Estonian girl knows her stance and cannot be treated anyhow. Since they are very educated and productive, marrying them is an added advantage that is bound to yield positive results.

How To Win The Hearts of Beautiful Estonian Women

Estonian Mail Order Brides

Finding pretty Estonian women is easy; all you have to do is go online and browse them out. Winning their heart and love is the different ball game that needs special attention to achieve. As beautiful and as splendid as they are, Estonian women are bad at communication. This difficulty makes it quite hard to win their hearts and find bride, but here are some handy and easy tips to guide you on how you can warm your way into their hearts.

  1. Flatter her with sweet and enticing words.
  2. Come out clean with her by explaining your long-term plans for her.
  3. Find out what she loves and why she loves them.
  4. Shower her daily with love and praises.
  5. Give her time to adjust to your ways. Let her know that you’re willing to be patient with her.
  6. Be careful about your discussions about religion and politics with her. More than seventy-five percent of Estonians are irreligious.
  7. Always respect her family and her culture.
  8. Endeavor to keep and fulfill whatever promise you make to her; this shows that she holds a special place in your heart.
  9. Regularly call her so that she knows she’s always on your mind.
  10. Try as much as possible to learn her language. Your effort would show her that you’re serious about being with her.
  11. Respect her opinions at all time and let her know that her views mean something to you.

Best Estonian Women Dating Sites

With every demand, there has to be a supply. On seeing that a lot of men are demanding for Estonian brides, a lot of mail-order agencies and dating sites have added them to their platforms, making it very easy to find these women. There a lot of dating sites that feature hot Estonian women, but a lot of these sites feature fake profiles and spam accounts. Reviewed below are some of the few sites where you are guaranteed to find pretty Estonian singles.

MatchTruly is an excellent dating website with a lot of reviews from users across the world. The site has some of the most quality profiles of single women in the world. The women on MatchTruly are stunning, to say the least. The site is uniquely designed with a smooth and straightforward user interface. Registration is free, and with more than 150,000 registered members, there’s a massive guarantee that you’ll find your gorgeous Estonian bride online.

Pros of

  • 128-Bit SSL Encryption to protect customer’s financial information;
  • Genuine beautiful women;
  • Free and straightforward registration.

Cons of

  • No mobile application;
  • Messages are not free;
  • No premium subscriptions. is another popular dating site with hundreds of positive reviews out there. Their commitment towards making connecting people easier has endeared people to them. RomanceTale is well appreciated for how simple, yet classy their site is. New users would find zero difficulties looking for their preference on the site. Finding love is easy on RomanceTale. After registration, users are welcome to fill a short, but detailed questionnaire, and then they are given free 20 credits to have a feel of the beautiful site. Several features are available for the user to enjoy. Features such as; flirts, winks, instant messaging, regular and extensive search button, etc. Pricing on RomanceTale varies, depending on the number of credits you want to buy. The use of the famous and well trusted 128-Bit SSL encryption has made it safe for people to be comfortable using their financial information to purchase credits online.

Over the years, RomanceTale has steadily upgraded its site to meet customer’s demands and maintain its reputation for being one of the best online dating sites.

Pros of RomanceTale

  • Quality profiles of real singles;
  • Anti-scam and Anti-Fraud policies;
  • Real-life customer service center.

Cons of RomanceTale

  • No mobile application;
  • No free messages;
  • Credits can only be purchased through Paypal.

If you’re looking for a site that has the experience, quality, and ease of access, then stands out alongside the very best. You can never go wrong with LoveSwans. From having a lot of members to having gorgeous women, LoveSwans has established itself as a unique site for online dating. With more than five years of experience, LoveSwans has gone through steady growth and massive development regularly.

Registration on LoveSwans is free. New users are asked to provide regular information like name, date of birth, email, location, and password. After the registration, these users who have now become members are taken to a page where they can complete their profile information, after which you are requested to fill a questionnaire. The site uses algorithms generated from a member’s preference to suggest potential matches. Members can set their preferences to a particular location to find their match easier. Overall, LoveSwans remains one of the most recommended sites for people looking for love online.

Pros of

  • Guaranteed security policies to help you feel safe;
  • Top-Notch customer service;
  • Quality profiles of beautiful models.

Cons of

  • No mobile application;
  • No free credits after registration;
  • Messages are not free.


In conclusion, finding an Estonian woman to make a bride is now very easy to do. All you have to do is follow some guidelines and keep to specific patterns. Love works in different ways, and you might find some Estonian women who would make it look like it’s not worth it, but that’s not true. A considerable percentage of Estonian women are singles looking for western men to marry and go on adventures with. Your bride would base her reaction on the level of connection between you two, so it is not advisable to start comparing one Estonian woman with another Estonian woman.

So, if you’re interested in serious love, beautiful marriage, a perfect home and a blissful forever, find the best means to contact Estonian singles who are also looking for the same thing, and it’s a guarantee that you’ll end up feeling very fulfilled.