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It has been discovered that a significant fraction of European men prefer Asian women. Out of that fraction, most predominantly vote Korean women as the fairest of them all for obvious reasons. Their striking features and dove-like beauty will have your heart melting. It is no wonder to find that men tend to think of them as subjects of their wildest fantasies. Many non-Korean men desire to date these exotic beauties. The Korean woman seems to be the perfect picture of elegance and youthful beauty. Did you know that meeting these women is way easier than you ever imagined?

A Guide On How To Date a Korean Woman

korean brides

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Resorting to online dating platforms is the best bet for most men. However, they are sadly met with hurdles like fraudulent agents who promise to link up couples but only end up being a scam. With constraining factors like cost, time, and a job, most of them can’t just up and leave their country for Korea seeking out a wife. The procedures and cost involved are enough discouragements. Thankfully, there are now certified online dating sites which offer a tremendous variety of Korean singles. All of them are on the lookout for love just like you are! Asides finding it challenging to meet one, there is the significant problem of how to start the relationship. For Korean women especially, communication and mutual understanding is critical in a relationship.

The Know-Hows of Meeting Korean Woman

Any relationship, be it with a foreigner or not, requires great sacrifices and even more so when you are seeking a Korean bride. There is necessary information that you should always keep in mind as you start on your search for the perfect woman online. The most important is learning the Korean language. It is mandatory because it facilitates communication, which is a crucial part of a relationship. Most Korean women find it very attractive when foreign men can understand and speak their language, albeit not expertly. You’d agree that even you would find yourself calmer, giving you the confidence you need when it comes to approaching a prospective partner online. These here are other information you should arm yourself with when seeking to meet these unique beauties:

The Korean Family

Most cultures deem the bride’s family as essential decision-makers when it comes to relationships, and that is the same for Koreans. They place their families in high regard, so you want to make a lasting impression on them by learning the language and proper greeting culture. They are sure to find you very charming just by knowing you have made such efforts to understand them more. Marriage, in Korea, is regarded as joining of the families, and we can’t stress the fact that family is a crucial part of the union. Research has shown that you stand the highest chances of getting a Korean girl to marry you if you can win her family over. That is perhaps because of the Korean culture, which notes that marriage is a union of the bride and groom’s families.

Did you know foreign men stand a very high chance of marrying Korean women?

You probably thought that marrying a foreign man may seem daunting for Korean women, but that isn’t always the case. It is a new age, and the average Korean lady wants to be free from the strict cultural beliefs that are very predominant in their country. Findings have shown that a foreigner stands a higher chance of marrying a Korean lady. It is not the same for Korean men and foreign ladies. That is because the Korean men are so raised to uphold their strict norms, thus making them less approachable in comparison to the women.

The Korean Style

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It is just as important as the points above because being the nitpicky bunch they are, Koreans and most especially their women place great value on appearances. They have an exquisite sense of style, and you can be no less when searching for singles. You should try as much as possible to make yourself easily approachable. It is an added advantage if you are very knowledgeable about the Korean style because your prospective bride expects you to be in some specific Korean clothing styles on different occasions.

Korean women want a devoted husband

The Korean girl wants nothing more than to find true love. They are particularly thrilled at the thought of seeing their happily-ever-after and even more so with a man adventurous enough to seek them. These stunning beauties believe respect to be of a higher order than intimacy when it comes to starting a relationship. It might make them seem a bit elusive at the get-go and also remember that your demeanor relating to them is essential as they are meticulous and observant people. While they respect the man as the head of the family, they love being of the same standard as their prospective partner. So making your advances with etiquette is crucial.

Financial Stability

If you didn’t already know, Korean society is plagued with a high-class system where the rich demand great respect. It may seem unbelievable, but it is the startling truth that a more substantial fraction of Korean women values rich men. Being the high-end creatures that they are, the girls strictly adhere to the beliefs that money can buy the best things of life. That may sometimes be daunting for admirers but you, as a foreigner, have a higher chance considering that you would be offering them an experience of privileges. Unlike their male counterparts, Korean brides have this nagging sense of having to take care of their parents even after they marry. It is perhaps why they opt less for men who have a low financial status. Don’t be discouraged; get to work!

How To Get Korean Mail Order Brides

korean brides online

Just by being here, you are well on your way to achieving the seemingly impossible feat of marrying a Korean woman. The internet is the easiest and just the perfect place to seek for Korean brides. Numerous online dating platforms present you with a myriad of opportunities when it comes to dating exotic beauties. There are two things crucial when venturing into seeking Korean mail order brides.

Your Profile

A well-detailed profile is very crucial to finding love online. Just like the typical dating, you present yourself as amiable and easily approachable when you freely tell about yourself, albeit not in a narcissistic manner. The perfect dating profile shows a clear description of your type of person, what you love to do, who you seek as well as other specifications. Giving detailed answers presents you with excellent chances of finding the perfect Korean lady for you. Korean women can be quite bold when it comes to expressing themselves, and they expect no less from their prospective partner. However, bear in mind that the description should always be short and concise because nobody likes wordy write-ups.

Honesty is key

Korean women can be brutally honest when it comes down to it. They are never afraid to express themselves and lay down their goals for the relationship right from the get-go. Their choices mostly include a search for a good looking man, a charming personality, and someone of a financially stable status and thus a significant level of education. They particularly crave perfection, and if you do meet up with their set criteria, they choose you. Having a foreigner attracted to them delights Korean girls as you are most likely to possess all the characteristics they seek in their lover. That is perhaps why you discover they are very many on online dating platforms. However, with Korean women, there is no foul play, and they expect just as much from an interested man.

Now, on to the best site recommendation!


If you have come thus far reading this article and do desire a the irresistibly stunning Korean bride, then I recommend AsianFeels.com. Just as the name implies, it is that one go-to site for everything Asian when you venture into online dating. It is the one platform that amazingly gives an avid fan of Asians, all I once thought near impossible. The site is frequently visited, and the population of members keeps growing daily.

That is one fact enough to arm yourself with confidence as you approach the unique beauties. Korean women, in their search for the perfect foreign man, are of a rather large fraction of the women available on AsianFeels. You can rest assured that becoming a member of AsianFeels will present you with a wide range of options for choosing Korean girls. What more, there are numerous reviews from biracial couples who are the products of the site’s matchmaking. They are enough to give you that final push you need to getting started on your search for Korean beauty.

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About AsianFeels.com

It is a premium dating site armed with a simple web layout which makes maneuvering and checking out their services easily understandable. AsianFeels aims at finding adventurous men the lovely Asian wives they seek. Being the ultimate closure of the day, AsianFeels checks out all the criteria needed to deem it the perfect platform for when you want to start out searching for a Korean mail-order bride. If the excellent reviews aren’t enough to convince you, then thousands of images of Korean beauties will take your breath away! With its ever-growing number of members, you are given that reassuring feeling that it is a window that presents you with massive opportunities. There are many Korean women, whether you desire a much younger or a much older one, out there. Just start seeking out the perfect partner for yourself.

AsianFeels spells out perfection as it presents you with no limitations of any kind. Any person of the appropriate age, which is 18, is allowed to join the bubbling AsianFeels community. Unlike other premium sites, you are not forced to pay a necessary amount to of money before becoming a member. Therefore, letting you get a glimpse into the many services they offer you. One other surprising fact about the popular site is that it is not limited to heterosexual relationships. One factor, you should know, is hard to find on many online dating sites that are predominantly Asian. AsianFeels gives you the freedom to experiment as you may wish with people of the same sex, much younger or even much older women! With AsianFeels.com, the possibilities are never ending!

Getting Started On AsianFeels.com

Just like I mentioned above, anyone from ages 18 and upwards is allowed to register on AsianFeels. That is a rare thing to find on a premium dating site like it that deem it necessary that you pay some money before you can become a member thus discouraging the young spirits. Simplicity is critical on AsianFeels; they make the process of getting started a menial chore. You are only required to provide the necessary information like your name, date of birth, email address, password, and an indication of your sexuality. As indicated, they also make sure to keep their members secure by making essential details like their email address always confidential and never visible to other members, a necessary measure if you’d agree. The account is verified as soon as you set up an account by the administrator sending a confirmation link to your email.

Once you jump that hurdle, you are presented with a never-ending list of women looking for love and are finally well on your way to finding the perfect Korean bride. Though termed a member just by going through that one easy step, to become a certified one, you have to:

  • Complete some questionnaires
  • Buy a subscription


Two questionnaires pop up as soon as you get on the simple platform. The first is a 9-item questionnaire which lets you specify the features that describe the Asian beauty you seek. You don’t have to answer all of them. But keep it in mind that your answers will form the basis for future matches that the system will be sending you. The questions are quite simple and easy to understand; they include the body type you prefer, the preferable age, height, and many more.

The second questionnaire is even a lot more informative and contains 13 different questions. They are specially selected to make you reveal more about yourself other than just the essential information. You are even allowed to pen down your thoughts in a quick message, thus making you seem more approachable to the women. This questionnaire includes vital questions like:

  • Location
  • Birthday
  • Height
  • Body type
  • Marital status whether divorced or widowed
  • Number of children if any
  • Level of education
  • Religion
  • Occupation

The final and perhaps most crucial step in setting up your profile is uploading a picture of yourself. Remember, appearance is vital for Korean girls, so take the photos at the best angles you can, and you are sure to find an admirer. On finishing the steps above, the site immediately brings you, women, that best fit your specifications. AsianFeels, with the interests of their members ever a priority, allows you to change your answers at any given time you’d like.


Like I previously noted, AsianFeels is a premium dating site. So need to pay a necessary fee to ensure continued communication between you and other members. Although you are considered a member and are allowed to view the profiles of prospects, buying a subscription kind of closes the deal. By doing it, you are enabled to view your statistics and fully interact with other members by exchanging messages. The initial subscription fee costs $9.99, and that will award you 20 units of the site’s currency called credits. There is a fixed rate for chatting as chatting for a minute costs two credits, and that means your 20 units purchase will only last you about 10 minutes. There are, however, a variety of subscription plans specifically designed to fit your budget.



  • Becoming a member is FREE
  • An ever-growing community perfect for meeting Korean beauties
  • Powerful search quality
  • Tight security measures
  • NOT restricted to heterosexuals


  • Pricey

In conclusion, AsianFeels is a definite recommendation for adventurous spirits. So if you are so, you may seek out Asian women. Having to buy credits to maintain communication should not discourage you. As it not only proves advantageous for when you are looking for a serious partner. It also serves to dissuade fraudsters. Need I reiterate that Korean women are high end and social beings. So they long for a man that can provide for their needs! AsianFeels uses the newest technology to ensure the security of every member’s details like email address, account details, etc. These and many more have sealed the deal for many, so you need not exercise fear.


korean hot women

  • These here are the go-to tips for when you do find yourself a Korean woman.
  • Appearances do matter because being the astonishing beauties they are, Korean women expect nothing less from their prospective partners.
  • Be rich, and you are sure to win their hearts.
  • Learning the Korean language and culture is IMPORTANT.
  • Keeping things civil with a Korean woman is always best. Remember they much value respect.
  • Instill trust: the average Korean woman thinks foreigners are cold heartbreakers. It may pose some difficulty when you start, but, you should do your best to show them otherwise.
  • Korean women are usually very intelligent and therefore, don’t go for less when searching for love.
  • Be bold, as romantic as possible and continuously keep up with communication.
  • Are you looking for a much more younger Korean bride? Then try the exquisite North Korean women.

Quick Facts About Korea

  • The country is located in East Asia and is divided into two different republics. North Korea and South Korea.
  • The widely spoken language in both states is Korean, albeit with different intonations.
  • Predominant religions are Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, and Islam.

Now you are good to go! Reading this has armed you with the necessary information to start on your search for the perfect Korean woman. Goodluck!