Latvian Brides

Latvian women are some of the most beautiful in the entire universe. Latvia is among a group of three countries popularly termed Baltic. The other two are Estonia and Lithuania. If there is one thing these countries are most famous for, it is their women and even more so, in Latvia where the population of women exceeds that of men. If you particularly favor tall, fit and pretty women then think Latvians. Findings have shown that the girls in Latvia are amongst the tallest in the world, which is perhaps why they predominate the fashion industry. If you want a wife that looks like a supermodel, then the Latvians are just for you.

Interesting Facts About Latvian Women

The average Latvian woman is gorgeous, classy and has a horde of self-esteem. But why not!? These women are feminine and take their appearances to be a high priority. Visit Latvia, and you’d find most of the women dressed and looking like they walked out of a modeling magazine! To match their exquisite beauty is their superior intelligence as their country places a high value on education. The ladies also value family and would do anything to make sure their families have the very best. On the other hand, Latvian women are fun lovers; they love to go shopping, dancing, going to concerts and the permanent circus. As for their ideal man, they love rugged masculinity and mainly go gaga over fashionable men, which perhaps makes them swoon over Westerners.

Latvian Beauties Love Foreign Men

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Female Latvian singles have been found to favor foreign men much more than the natives. That, I have discovered, to be because of the rather distasteful characteristics rampant amongst Latvian men. They are generally wayward when it comes to relationships, making it no surprise that the divorce rate in Latvia is very high. Aside from this, the culture of Latvia promotes socializing, wine parties and all. That may, unfortunately, be a reason why alcoholism is so high and particularly amongst the men too. Latvian girls want men that they can trust, and that will stay loyal to them forever.

Aside from that, these girls majorly believe that dating or marrying a foreigner will help raise their social standards. As you may already know, these ladies are all about the beauty, riches and ultimately their social standing. I mentioned this because it is one thing that made me confident in my endeavors to find a Latvian wife.

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Latvian Mail Order Brides

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The one sure way to meet hot Latvian women is in person maybe at clubs or shopping malls, but that would be very difficult when you are a foreigner and located so far away from Latvia too. However, you need not be fearful because online dating is also one sure way to meet these unique beauties. On these platforms, you can meet the perfect match for you and in turn, build a meaningful and long-lasting relationship. They create conducive environments for men and women of different origins to get acquainted even while they are in the comforts of their homes or offices. Online dating is fast becoming the rave among singles because it is just so straightforward and easy to get into. You also don’t have to fear rejection because you already have a clue of what each person wants only by looking at their profiles. Easy always does it.

Site Recommendations

So far, I have tried finding the perfect Latvian match for me on the dating sites, and I did find quite many, both the premium and non-premium. However, the premium beats the latter by a significant margin because they have lots more services to offer and are much more secure. Unlike what you may think, these sites also give free trials so newbies can kind of test run to know what services they offer. These here, are a list of my recommendations when it comes to finding the svelte Latvian beauty just for you.

To find brides, especially tops my list because they stick to the three most important things I look out for when it comes to dating online: high quality of services, top security measures and an ever-growing community. They have just about everything to have them labeled “premium.” They also provide advanced methods of communication among members, so you always get that “new age” feel.

The new website is, which I can boldly say has very high-quality dating services. They have a lovely platform layout, which also has a powerful and fast search tool for when you are finding the right woman for you. The community is ever-growing as many have found them to continually better their services. Also, they have their support team ever ready to answer your questions. is also a premium site and as such, has one of the most secure platforms when it comes to communication online. They make it an essential part of their services that every member is a legit person who poses no chances of scamming the other members. They even have tight rules, like never asking for money, which every member should strictly adhere to if they don’t want to get kicked out. I am mainly steered towards websites with sufficient safety measures like this one, which makes an honorable mention on my list.

There are plenty of girls on, a site that aims at making everyone feel welcome, at ease, and secure at all times. Dating is something that hinges on trust, which can be somewhat tricky when it comes to online dating. It is perhaps why I tend to focus on the security aspect of dating sites. However, one more thing I like is feedback from the administration. I want to know what I’m getting into and I need that kind of info from the administrators themselves. If you are like me, then is the go-to. They have support specialists who assist you 24/7 with any questions you may have about the website, and I learned that they could even help with organizing tours to the lady’s country!

On this platform, ease and availability are the two primary principles. They have an easy to understand web layout, which doesn’t prove difficult even for newbies. You can also gain access to anywhere and at any time. It works quite well on mobile devices like tablets and phones too, thus making communications with other members constant and rather natural.

The ladies on are just so beautiful; they seem unreal! Like many other premium sites, the site offers modern means of communication like instant messaging and video calling; but, perhaps, the most important thing about this platform is that finding a Latvian woman is quite easy. Much like the name implies, it mostly focuses on the Ukrainian beauties as well as many more like them like the Latvian, Russian, Lithuanian and more. What more, they even let members send real flowers and gifts to their bride-to-be! is fast becoming a popular dating platform, and that is despite the unchanging fact that it is a premium site. They have vast experience in the dating universe and have just as many testimonies attesting to the effectiveness of their search tools and security. If you are looking for a reliable platform that has had enormous success, then may be just the thing for you.

Are you looking for a woman living in Riga? Or do you prefer a Svelte lady with bright blue eyes? Are you looking to get married or just want a fling? All of your needs are taken care of on where every member’s profile is well-defined, thus making searching for the right partner easy and fast.

Latvian Dating Etiquette

Online or not, there are a few things that you should note when you start dating a Latvian girl. Latvian ladies may be a bit reserved and formal at first, but they will warm up to you quickly if you show interest in their culture.

Don’t Ask Personal Questions

Never ask a personal question or try to initiate a discussion when you are meeting a Latvian woman for the first time. Most of them are private and are put off by thoughts of religion.

Be Your Best

You have to be the best when it comes to Latvian dating. Like every other woman, these lovely beauties like a man that is honest, trustworthy, kind and respectful.

Don’t Drink Alcohol

Alcoholism is a no-no for Latvian women. That hinges on the fact that most Latvian men are careless alcoholics.

Be Romantic

Be as romantic as possible. Latvian girls delight in romance, compliments and just about all the works. However, take things slow.

Surprise Her

Latvian girls like surprises. Thankfully, there are now dating platforms that can help you with that. You should use the much you know about her to get her the perfect surprise gift.


Many people don’t even know Latvia is a country and yet it harbors one of the most exquisite beauties ever seen! Resorting to dating platforms is the easiest way to find these women. As I have outlined, the most important thing when dating Latvian women is time. Being constant with communication is key to any relationship, and that’s no exception for Latvian dating. Also, the odds that you’ll find a Latvian lover is quite good because statistics have it that a noticeable fraction of them marry foreigners. Be confident! Good luck!