POF Review

A person might be a successful businessman, a great musician or artist, have a lot of money, but if they don’t have a soulmate, they won’t learn what true happiness is. In our fast-moving life, it’s hard to save some time to meet new people at public events or at work, that’s why dating sites become more and more popular among singles. 

About POF

POF (Plenty of Fish) has a part of an idiom “There are plenty more fish in the sea’ in its name. It means that if a person hasn’t had a healthy relationship yet, there is always a lot of other chances to meet a perfect partner. Such a good choice of a name for a dating platform, isn’t it?

Tired of looking for a wife/hubby in real life? The dating sites might be a solution to all your problems. Stay tuned and dive into the review of POF, one of the most popular dating platforms of this year. 

Easy to Use

POF (Plenty of Fish) allows the clients to make an account, set up a profile, message other users for free, send voice-recorded messages. Also, it has a user-friendly app that is quite simple to use and an interesting forum that features articles on the relevant topics and can be commented on by the users. There are also a lot of premium features that will be introduced in another section. 

Sign Up

Setting up a profile takes not a lot of time and is pretty simple. It’s free of charge and doesn’t require to connect your account to other social media IDs. Moreover, the company allows its clients to fill in the details about personality later, however, one can’t complete the registration without answering the main personality questions. They include all the details that other users need to know in order to understand whether or not you are a perfect couple. The company highlights that its main goal is to connect people based on similar hobbies, skills, being a dog or cat person, rock or rap fan, etc. 

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Profile Quality 

The official website of the platform states that there are around 37 million users registered. A huge number of singles means that the company worked hard to build trust around its brand. Moreover, with a free membership, the platform gives you an opportunity to send an unlimited number of messages to girls or boys you find attractive and interesting. The company also doesn’t keep the conversations forever as they are removed after 1 month. 

To get to know a candidate for marriage deeper, the clients can use the voice recording feature. When you feel that you’re ready to go further, you can start exchanging pictures. However, the platform allows sending visual information only for women as men often use this feature in the wrong way. Fortunately, Plenty of Fish dating site shows that it cares about its clients and works on banning inappropriate content like pornography, sexual harassment, scam, fraud or any kind of actions that you find offensive. Also, to make sure that every conversation is unique and sincere, the platform doesn’t allow pasting text into the message bar.     

Profile Details

POF dating site reviews from the real clients state that the matching on this dating site is highly accurate due to the detailed personality questions the users have to answer during the registration. Except for the type of relationship, family details, hobbies, the profiles include 8 free pictures and “a witty one-liner” to catch the attention of other users.     

In addition, Plenty of Fish moves with the times and tries to get rid of the profiles that feature pictures edited in filter apps and Photoshop. This really helps the clients see the real face of the person they communicate with. 

Safety Tips

Meeting on the Internet is quite a popular phenomenon nowadays. People got used to chatting and interacting with the potential girlfriend/boyfriend candidate in any possible way on online platforms. However, dating can be tricky both in real life and online as people can be weird and unexpected creatures sometimes. Unfortunately, there are not only individuals who are looking for their soulmates, but also a small percent of swindlers that deceive the clients into sending money. That’s why safety is an important part of the POF review. Obviously, a person can’t be in control of the things other people do, but the POF dating site does its best to keep its customers safe and happy. 

Not to Send Money or Financial Details

The clients of POF are asked not to share the financial information like card number, validity period and CVV2 code with other people from the platform. Also, it warns that sending money can be a part of a scam that people easily become victims of.  

Not to Share Sensitive Information

Except for the financial confidential information, the platforms advises keeping personal details about the client private and not to share accommodation address, the name of the university, a company the person works for, courses they attend, etc.   

Choose a Strong Password

The 21st century is a time of hackers and scammers that are eager to sell passwords and personal information of innocent people. That’s why it’s important to think about a strong code that will keep the account safe. For instance, it should be clear that it’s not good to use a password that features the birthday date of the person or their favorite dog name. 

Not to Move to Other Messaging Platforms

The most important tip outlined in Plenty of Fish safety policy is a suggestion not to move to other chatting apps and websites as it will be hard for the company to keep track of the conversation and help in case of the scammer attack. 

Prices & Plans

Although the platform provides multiple free features and benefits, it also has premium services like seeing extended accounts, getting rid of annoying ads, getting a notification when someone looks through your account, ability to send 3 gifts per day and get on top of the search results.  

There are three price plans available on Plenty of Fish:

  • 2 Months: $19.35 per month ($38.70);
  • 4 Months: $12.75 per month ($51.00);
  • 8 Months: $10.18 per month ($81.40).

Customer Support

pof review

The clients have an opportunity to report problems to Plenty of Fish customer support. If a person notices a violation of their rights or something that seems offensive or inappropriate, Plenty of Fish suggests reporting the issue immediately. The company assures that it blocks the users involved in fraud or harassment to keep its clients safe. 

The customer support is free of charge and always ready to help its clients to have a good POF experience. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t provide help over the phone, so sometimes it can be hard to explain the problem in writing and it can take more time to solve it. 

Pros and Cons of Plenty of Fish

Like any other dating site, Plenty of Fish has its own advantages and disadvantages. See what’s good and what’s bad about this platform below. 


  • detailed questions;
  • photo filter ban;
  • a strict policy on nudity;
  • high level of matching accuracy;  
  • Log in/Sign in sections are user-friendly and convenient.


  • users have to pay to see the status of the message;
  • the platform doesn’t provide help via mobile phone;
  • no opportunity to connect a social media profile like Facebook.  

Bottom Line

Plenty of Fish is a modern dating site that keeps up to date and cares about its clients’ safety and future. The number of free benefits shows that the platform is customer-oriented instead of money-oriented like other popular dating sites that charge a lot for basic features. Also, a huge variety of positive Plenty of Fish reviews makes it clear that this site is good for looking for a partner online and free of charge. The company promises to help anytime in case of troubles with the users, provides a lot of tips on safety and encourages clients to be kind and respectful. The premium features are also useful and cost just like two cups of coffee ($10 per month) if you purchase an 8 Months plan.