How to Write a Dating Profile

Writing dating profiles seems to be difficult for beginners and easy for experienced users. The truth is you should create a funny, sexy, and smart profile at the same time to be interesting for other customers. The question «how to write a dating profile» is so common that different tips, so-called secrets, and discussions on such topics can be easily found on fashionable blogs, webpages, and blogs. A dating profile helps other users to figure out more about you in advance and understand whether they are interested in communication with you. On different online dating platforms, you can add some personal information, including age, interest, hobbies, mentality, nationality, and so on. Besides, searching for love on the Internet, you can use various criteria to find a person that will be perfect for you.

How to Write an Online Dating Profile for a Man?

Find Reliable Platform

The first step to creating a profile is registered on any platform for dating. There are many online dating websites:

To choose a great site without scam, cheating, and spam, you should read reviews or feedbacks from other users. They often can be read directly on the webpage. Most dating sites are payable, so think twice before buying a membership or a plan. To find out more information about the difference between plans, it is better to use a service of a support team.

Provide Honest Information

The complexity of singles online is that nobody has a chance to understand how you look, behave, act in real life, so your potential partners rate you by photos. Well, known, that people always want to be better than they are, so they often use photoshop or different editing applications to hide flaws. Every successful profile on dating profiles has no photoshopped photos but has pictures of great quality. This is important because photoshop can look as a way of hiding something horrible in your appearance. Also, if you have overweight, never try to correct your figure, just use a good shot. Remember, that «live-photos» tell more about you as a person than glossy shots.

All the information you want to add to your profile depends on your aim to achieve. If you wonder what to say in an online dating profile, just describe yourself and be honest. If you are tired of being alone or want to have a family and search for a serious relationship, do not forget to add this information on the page. Many users are searching for a short relationship and need no marriage. Also, while messaging with somebody trying to make no pressure asking about the common future and previous relationship. At first, it is better to talk on general topics like weather, art, books, music, etc. It is very important not to use words-parasites, dialects, specific words, casual phrases, and slang.

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Describe Your Appearance and Personality

So, what to say in an online dating profile? Firstly, try to look at yourself and describe not just appearance, but also thoughts, hobbies, goals. Do not try to look better and do not lie because it never works. A creative attitude is always highly appreciated, especially when there are many other profiles. Both men and women work the rule to be neither too shy nor liberated. Posting provocative photos or thought never affects communication great.

Mind Cultural Differences

Communication online has a lot of peculiarities, including cultural differences and language barriers. It is better to indicate which languages you can speak to provide convenient communication without using special translation applications or the help of translators. Besides, remember that there are some issues you can not discuss. There are religion, politics, conflicts, and anything that depends on cultural traditions. Communicate with someone with mutual respect and politeness.

Structure All the Information Logically

Try to imagine your profile in general. Structured text is easier for acceptance and would show that you are an orderly person. You can make separate paragraphs with titles for convenient searching. Also, do not forget to check your text on mistakes, because it can spoil an opinion about your erudition and education. Use simple, but not primitive sentences to not be boring or too chatty. Try to be easy and interesting in communication and make your description of life and yourself the same.

Share Stories

A great idea is to add the various stories you have experienced. The big privilege would be using jokes or funny flashbacks. It would show your potential partner, that it is great to spend time with you and would provoke a reaction (a date-invitation or message). Remember that your profile should be authentic and play the role of your cutaway. Besides, the best secret is to stay yourself and not to pretend the other one. Write and post content that shows you to the limit.

How to Write an Online Dating Profile for a Woman?

Be Positive

One of the best tips for creating an online dating profile is avoiding negative. Even if you a middle-aged old divorced woman with 3 cats and 20 extra pounds, you should not whine and write how bad everything is or how miserable you are. People, especially, men, are always attracted by happy people that emit light. Women should look confident, tender, and charming to get attention. You can write the story of your life, but try not to show anger, hatred, or irritation. Try to keep a neutral attitude to things from the past.

Don’t Be Too Serious

Life is already complicated, and surfing on the Internet is a way to chill and relax. Nobody wants to read on social networks and dating platforms paragraphs written with clerical language about somebody’s divorce, children, bad life or anything else in such style. Try to forget all resentments and make the first step to a happy life and a new relationship. A great profile provides future success among men or women. Also, all these tips work equally for men and women.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Mention Whether I Have Children?

Yes. Your partner should know about them. But you shouldn’t write all the information about them. Men/women want to get acquainted with you, not them.

Do Dating Sites Work?

Yes. There are many people with a great experience of acquaintances online. Thanks to dating platforms they are happy couples now.

How Not to Overdo?

Write no fake information (about interests, yourself, private life), be fun and casual, don’t try to pretend somebody else.

How to Act on Dating Platform?

Never be afraid of writing first, notwithstanding you are a girl or a guy.