Dating An Aquarius Woman

Zodiac signs are rooted in astrology and fall into different parts of months. For those born an Aquarius, it means they have the Air sign, and their birthdays fall between January 20th, and February 18th. 

An Aquarius woman is one of a kind, and her personality trait is different from other women. She is a friend, and confidant, highly sociable, single-minded, but not in the least bit traditional. This female is confident in herself, and her abilities, and she’s not looking for validation from anyone.

Dating an Aquarius woman is more of a blessing, especially if you are an extrovert. Having her in your life will not only constantly challenge you intellectually, and otherwise, but it will inspire you to live your best life every day, and you’re about to find out why.

What it’s Like Dating an Aquarius Woman

Dating Aquarius Woman

Most people love to read their horoscope or that of a potential love interest before going into a relationship. It helps them get prepared, and know their compatibility with the other person. Thus, here are some vital character traits that let you know what dating Aquarian entails:

She is an Open-Minded

The first thing you’ll notice about an Aquarian woman is that she’s very open-minded. She is a modern woman who is not afraid to chase new trends or speak her mind about a subject. Her open-mindedness enables her to see things in the gray, and not always black and white, and she doesn’t judge a book by its cover.

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She is Smart, Intelligent, and Ambitious

A female with this Zodiac sign is as ambitious as they come. She is smart, intelligent, and career-oriented. The latter matters to her a lot, and she’s not afraid to be innovative, and chase her goals, even if other things have to come second in her life. Her brilliance, equally makes her a solution provider, and when confronted with a problem, she faces it head-on.

She is Opinionated and Firm

If you are a man looking for a woman to walk over, then an Aquarius woman is not for you. She has strong opinions that she’ll defend with her last breath, and when she’s fixated on an idea, changing her mind will be next to impossible. Her firmness ensures she does not get swayed easily, so once she likes you, it will take a lot to deter her.

She is not Traditional

Dating an Aquarius female means dating a feminist. She does not buy into the idea that a man is her lord and master, or that her usefulness ends in cooking, cleaning, and rearing children. Remember, she’s ambitious, so support her, and don’t try to extinguish her light.

She is Independent

If you love the song “Miss Independent” by Ne-Yo, then you love a woman with this Air sign. Everything discussed thus far embodies this; she’s self-reliant, so don’t classify her as the damsel in distress waiting to be rescued. Her world is all about girl power, and not male dominance, and dependency.

Dos of Dating an Aquarius Woman

If the characteristics of this female did not scare you off, then note these things when dating an Aquarius woman:

Be Unconventional

Since a woman with this Zodiac astrology is open-minded, then unconventionally court her. Don’t do things that are “Normal.” For her, it’s more interesting to do things that are not regular, so always think outside the box.

Be Adventurous

Don’t settle for only regular dates; go on adventures, like traveling to an exotic location, go hiking, sign up for a couple’s dance class. Aquarians lead an exciting life, so keep her guessing and fascinated.

Be Conversational

Conversations when dating an Aquarius female goes beyond intellectual topics, even though she wants to show off her intellect. She’s a social butterfly, so talk about pop culture, past relationships, but avoid issues bordering on childbirth and marriage.

Don’ts of Dating an Aquarius Woman

Don’t Try to Control her Life

When dating an Aquarius woman, rule number one says trying to control her life is a no-no. Always remember that she’s a strong independent woman who wants to get treated as an equal partner.

Don’t Talk About Domestic Bliss

Even if you’ve pictured your perfect family, with a white picket fence, and mini-you’s running around the backyard, avoid discussing it early on in your relationship. Give her time to ease into the idea of marital bliss, but don’t make it a constant topic, else she’ll run.

Don’t Ask for PDA

In as much as an Aquarius woman is sociable, she’s not into showing her affection in public. Avoid holding hands, and PDA moments, and also avoid paying her too many compliments. She knows her worth and does not need to get flattered unnecessarily.

Tips for Dating an Aquarius Woman

Dating an Aquarius female means being with a woman with taste and class. Treat her to sweet continental dishes, especially those with tasty exotic cuisine. Visit artistic places like a gallery, and take her dancing to places where wonderful music gets played.

A musical concert is equally an excellent idea for a date. Note that an Aquarius female is a loyal friend, and often places more value on platonic relationships than romantic love interests. Thus, don’t become overly jealous and protective when you see her hanging out with her male friends, with or without you.

Equally note that while an Aquarius woman has her mind, she does not want to date a “Yes man.” Therefore, challenge her, but don’t fight with her. It’s okay to let her win arguments. However, once in a while, hold your ground, and show her you are not a pushover.

Finally, an Aquarian has high compatibility with men with Gemini, Aries, Libra, and Sagittarius signs. When dating an Aquarius woman, start from friendship, build on it, be supportive, and she’ll treat you with love, respect, and affection.