Dating a Virgo Woman

Virgo is the Zodiac astrological sign for people born between August 23rd and September 22nd.  It is an earth sign which explains why a woman born a Virgo is mostly grounded, and as the saying goes, “Down to earth.” 

Despite being down to earth, most people assume upon meeting a Virgo that she plays hard to get, but that’s far from the truth. Instead, she’s cautious and wary of diving into a relationship with someone who does not share her values, or understand her personality. 

A Virgo woman has a charming personality; she is smart, intelligent, has a laser focus, and an obsession for neatness, order, and attention to detail, among other traits. Dating a Virgo means having someone you can rely upon, trust explicitly, and can plan your life with. She is a truckload of positivity, but if you’re still an unbeliever, let’s have an in-depth discussion about what a relationship with a Virgo offers you.

What to Know About Dating a Virgo Woman

Dating a Virgo Woman

Often, people go into a relationship based on physical attraction without knowing much about the personality trait of the person they are dating. To date, a woman who is a Virgo, knowing her horoscope, will help you understand what makes her tick, especially if you want the relationship to be long-term. 

Some attributes of this kind of woman include:

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She Maintains a Calm Head Always

If you have met a woman who is nothing but calm in a contentious situation, then she is a Virgo. No matter how stormy it gets, she does not fret or lose her marbles but calmly puts her analytical mind to work to bring about a solution. It equally does not matter if life throws different curveballs at her; she handles herself excellently and maintains a positive attitude through difficulties.

She Loves Being in Control

Although most people in love give up a level of control to their partners, things are different when you’re in a relationship with a Virgo. Power is as important to her as breathing, and giving it up is something she’s not likely to do. It does not mean that she’ll boss you around and get you to bend to her will, but it means that she’ll exercise some power over the things you do because another thing relevant to a Virgo is organization.

She is a Great Planner

Dating a Virgo means being in a relationship with someone whose organizational skills are topnotch. Nothing is out of place in her life. There’s always a plan, and she does not deviate from it for anything. It’s part of her laser focus personality, and her desire to have ordered, at all times. Being an excellent planner, she doesn’t like to waste time and will only commit to someone who wants to go exclusive.

She is a Perfectionist

Perfection is key to a Virgo; she aims for it all the time and can be her biggest fan or critic. While dating her, she will put pressure on herself to be perfect and expects the same from you, but she’ll cut you some slack, especially if you are not a fellow Virgo.

Dos of Dating A Virgo Woman

With a Virgo, one thing is compatibility with her character trait, and another is knowing what to do while dating her. Some essential things when dating a Virgo woman include:

Having a Plan

Since a woman with this Zodiac sign is a planner, you have to be one. While you might not detail every aspect of your life, but the parts that affect her must get organized. Do not surprise a Virgo; that is, every date must be planned, from venue to activities, and always call before visiting.

Being Punctual

Telling a Virgo woman, you’ll pick her up by six, and showing up an hour late is unacceptable. Always show up for dates on time, and if for any reason you have to cancel or change the plans, inform her, and don’t keep her in the dark.

Having Intelligent Conversations

As mentioned earlier, women with this horoscope are smart and intelligent, so don’t treat them like dimwits. Have conversations about things that matter to both of you. 

Don’ts of Dating a Virgo Woman

Don’t Disrupt Her life

The fact that a Virgo loves planning and being in control cannot be overemphasized. Note that she might love you, but once you pose a threat to her organized, and well-ordered life, then that’s the end of your relationship. Routine for her is bliss, so don’t ruin it.

Don’t Ask Personal Questions

Don’t give her a history of your past relationships, and you can be sure she won’t divulge the same. For her, the past is a closed chapter, better left unread, so no need to revisit it.

Be Courteous Always

A Virgo woman might be different from other women, but she expects her man to be a gentleman, which means being respectful, courteous, and not using swear words in public. Don’t embarrass her and avoid PDA moments.

Tips for Dating a Virgo Woman

Important things when dating a Virgo woman involves opening the door for her on dates, pulling out her chair, and offering to hang her coat if she has one. Dating a Virgo woman means fancy restaurants, going to the theater, and having a taste for classy things.

Note that those things do not make her materialistic; instead, it shows her as a woman who knows what she wants and is unapologetic about it. A Virgo woman is committed to her relationships, family, loved ones, and despite her strict persona, she’s all warm and fuzzy within.

Finally, compatibility is essential to a Virgo, and if you’re her fellow Virgo, or Taurus, Capricorn, or Aquarius, then you’ll fit right into her world. But opposites attract, so treat this article as a guide that will help you be on your A-game when you start dating a Virgo woman.