Dating an Aries Woman

Aries is one of the Fire signs and the first of the Zodiac astrology. It falls between March 21st and April 19th, and those born within that time are known to be highly competitive, mostly for the fun of it.

An Aries woman believes in going for what she wants and is not shy to employ the power of seduction to get the attention of the man she is in love with. Unlike other signs of the Zodiac, she is self-confident, and assured, and will not cross the line of her moral code in pursuit of something.

Due to an Aries determined spirit, many people see her as insensitive. Still, it is only a misunderstanding as she’s one of the few whose horoscope shows a passion for helping others, even and especially when they don’t need her help. She has a lot of defining qualities, that will leave you convinced of how remarkable she is.

Dating an Aries Woman

The beautiful thing about horoscopes is that it gives you inside information about what to expect before going into a relationship. It opens your eyes to your compatibility with your love interest, and lets you know ahead of the chances of having a long-lasting relationship. Here are some things to expect when dating an Aries:

Total and Complete Faithfulness

An Aries woman is an embodiment of faithfulness; she is loyal, and once in love with you, there’s no one else in the world for her. You can date a woman with this Zodiac sign without worrying about her stepping out on you, as she won’t. Once you are the object of her affection, she sees you only, and no one else.

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Lots of Competition

Competing is her way of showing love and interest. An Aries does not like getting defined by one thing; instead, she’d rather be all that she can be, and keeps pushing herself, and testing her limits. Typical for her is boring, so don’t be afraid to compete with her, as she thrives in it.

A Desire for Freedom

As a free-spirited Fire sign, dating an Aries woman means being with someone who cherishes her freedom. Note that she won’t trade it for anything, especially if all you do is paint a picture of a quiet suburban life, with school runs, community participation, and eating at a nearby dinner is your idea for a date night. She would run from anything that aims to confine her, so keep those dreams in check until you can convince her it’s not as limiting as it appears.

Ambition, Adventure, and Firmness

A woman with this astrology sign is not only competitive, but she is also ambitious, loves adventure, and is entirely firm when her mind is made up about something. It follows her desire to live life on her terms, and unless you see yourself complementing these aspects of her, then she might not be the woman for you.

A Strong Temperament, Directness, and a Helper

Dating an Aries woman means you have to deal with her temperament. When she gets angry, nothing can soothe her, until she calls you out, and vent all the negative energy. Her personality makes her direct; that is, she won’t sugarcoat things when you offend her, but once she says her piece, she’s over it and holds no grudges. Dating an Aries means accepting help even when you don’t need it; it makes her happy to help, even when she does not get appreciated.

Dos of Dating an Aries Woman

Tips for dating an Aries woman is as simple as “Letting her be herself.” A woman with this Zodiac sign embodies self-love; she loves being who she is, and to date her, all you have to do is encourage and support her to be the best version of herself. Also, feed her competitive side by challenging her, but do it in good faith, and with something, you both can have fun with and enjoy.

Don’ts of Dating an Aries Woman

When dating an Aries, there’s only one vital thing you should not do, and that’s trying to cage her and clip her wings. She’s a Fire sign, which means she’s burning with extra energy and excitement all the time, so don’t quench her flame. Another thing to note is that an Aries Woman might have you on a pedestal, but she’ll drop you if you appear too needy and dependent. She likes an assertive man who fights for what he loves and believes in.

Tips for Dating an Aries Woman

When dating an Aries, the perfect date night would be something competitive. She won’t mind going to play basketball or any competitive sport with you or going to watch a live game. 

Board games are equally something to do on date nights and any other activity that puts you too against each other. Thus, if you are a man with a fragile ego, who doesn’t like losing to women, then she’s not for you.

An Aries woman equally likes activities that bring out her feminine side; don’t forget that she’s flirtatious. She loves practical gifts that are on the expensive side, but she wouldn’t mind a beautiful floral arrangement. 

Note that an Aries is sometimes loud in her bid to express herself, and when she can’t contain her excitement. Also, she’s occasionally impatient with herself, and with others, so don’t get offended when she pressures you to do something.

Compatibility with an Aries woman means being her fellow Aries or having the Leo or Sagittarius signs. In conclusion, an Aries woman is a self-assured woman who is passionate about life, fights for what she wants, is trustworthy, reliable, and deserving of love and respect, and asks only to have the freedom to be the captain of her life.