BBPeopleMeet Review

All global dating websites contain a variety of profiles, so you have an array of choices with whom to match. However, big amount of different profiles is both an advantage and a disadvantage. It raises your chances to meet your love as much as lowers it. Why does it happen? Because there are people of some types that look for people of their certain type. For example, if you are into Asians it is better to visit a particular website devoted to Asian dating. Sometimes it is hard to match with a person with the same religious views as yours. When it happens, switching from global dating websites to the niche one is the best option.

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The first and the main criteria in the selection of future romantic partners is appearance. We always judge each other on looks. Once someone’s photo catches our attention, the interest in learning more about the person arises. But don’t people with not typical appearance deserve love? Of course, they do! There are certain dating websites even for people with different body shapes. is for singles, whose weight is bigger than standard. Having big body type doesn’t mean that the person isn’t beautiful. Many slim people cannot find beauty in big body structure. But there are thousands of singles who’d rather prefer plump people and want to get in marriage only with them. Making a separate dating portal for them is an incredible idea. The number of profiles might be lower, but the quality is slightly bigger. So now we will check if it is effective to find a good match at BBpeoplenet and does it worth spending your time on it.

About BBPeopleMeet

This dating website is not a new player in the USA dating market. Established in 2002, BBPeopleMeet is a branch of Currently, its base contains nearly 500 000 dating profiles from across the world. The activity on the website is about 100 log in a day. It is less than on such dating giants like PlentyofFish or Victoriahearts, but it is a quite good rate for a niche dating site. Talking about the age range, you can find profiles of singles who are both 18 and 55 years old, so it fully covers all ages groups. However,  main part of users is about 30-40 years old. Most of the users aim to find partners for a serious relationship.


The first step on all dating sites is a profile sign in. Making BBPeopleMeet login is fast and easy. At first, you create your account indicating your username, email, and password. Then you must fill your profile with information about your personality and about whom you are looking for: a wife, a husband, a girlfriend, a boyfriend or just for new friends. Fortunately, it is not mandatory to pass a special personality test. The website suggests to answer certain questions, so there is no need to rack your brains on what to say about yourself. Also, there is a field called “Top interests” where you can feature things that you like the most in your life.

Profile Verification

Many dating websites have a bad reputation because they contain scams and fake profiles. BBPeopleMeet decided to ensure users in fact that its service is legit through photo verification. To finish making your profile it is required to upload several photos of yours. A user can upload up to 30 pictures. But they must be approved by a moderator before being posted. It can linger a process of matching for a while. Usually, the moderators’ process photos rapidly. All profiles are invisible for other users until moderators validate photos. Then, after your profile is set, you’ll start getting match suggestions.

However, photo verification is an insufficient guarantee of not fake service. Most modern dating sites require ID verification, that is how users can be 100% sure that they won’t be deceived. We hope that BBpeoplemeet will apply this kind of account validation soon.

Search Options

The search on BBPeopleMeet is free. You can browse profiles as long as you want. A combination of keywords and smart filters may lead you to your soulmate. In general search, you can select the location, gender, marital status, and even ethnicity. It is possible to see what users from search results are online and text them immediately. But any type of contact on the website requires payment. If you haven’t subscribed to any of the packages, you won’t be able to get in touch with a person whose profile appealed to you. And all BBPeopleMeet reviews talk about that.


The design of BBPeopleMeet dating site is not extraordinary. It seems a little bit old-fashioned though. Other dating websites have made a redesign and look according to the latest UX trends (check OKCupid for instance). The fonts on BBPeopleMeet are simple, graphic designs are not impressive. But we come to websites not to appreciate art designs. If the navigation allows fulfilling the needs of the user than the site can still get high rates. It takes a few minutes to master this dating platform and learn even its special features. Besides simple matching, there are several extra features available.

Pricing Packages

It is impossible to evaluate dating websites without trying their paid features. Free browsing of profiles is good, but for what it’s worth if you haven’t actually tried to contact people there? At BBPeopleMeet there are three subscription packages that users can purchase. Per 1 month is the cheapest, it costs 14,99 USD. Plans for 6 months costs 35,67 USD, so it is more profitable to buy it instead of using a monthly plan. The most expensive plan costs 42 USD and it allows you not only use all paid features but also to make your profile Highlighted. This means that your name and picture will appear most of the time on the top of search results. It is the easiest way to increase the number of visits, favorites, and likes.

Difference To Other Dating Sites

These prices are reasonably cheaper than on other dating portals. So, even if you haven’t found your chosen one there, wasting such a sum of money won’t hit your wallet. Payment options are standard: Paypal or debit credit card. Use what suits you best.

It is important to note that your plan automatically renews every after your subscription expires. So if you don’t want to continue your subscription you may waste your money for nothing. It is possible to cancel the subscription anytime. Doing it before the website charges you for a new subscription is the best option.

Note that many modern dating platforms charge money not even for a monthly subscription but for a certain amount of credits. You invest money in credits and then pay with credits to contact a person. In such a way you can spend over 100 USD on dating! In that context, BBPeopleMeet is very loyal to its users.

Special Features

Meeting with singles on BBPeopleMeet is very interactive. Besides simple search, users can engage in games that ease the process of connecting with others. Sometimes you just don’t know what filters to use or how to begin the conversation. First, users can try “Who do you like”. Here you will be shown two pictures of different singles from the site and you will have to choose one. Game “I’m interested” also asks you to make a decision between two options. In this case, you get one photo and select “Yes” or “No”. After clicking “Yes” the person that you liked will be notified about it. Such games are online flirt in its pure state.

Every day platform sends an automatic digest with five matches. Choose the one you like to accept mutual affection and proceed to the next level – contact your match!

Conclusion on BBPeopleMeet Review

BBPeopleMeet has a good purpose. It makes possible for big & beautiful people to meet their perfect mate for a serious relationship. In general, the website has nice design and comfortable navigation. Getting started on BBPeopleMeet is not difficult and time-consuming. The prices are adequate as well as terms of use. However, profile verification does not give a 100% guarantee that there are no fake accounts. But most of the profiles are filled thoroughly, so searching for love on BBPeopleMeet worth it.