Korean Interracial Dating

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Dating can be a daunting task for many people. The desire to experience something that is not within our reach is one that both men and women cannot deny. This is not any different in Korea. To foreigners, dating in Korea is not a walk in the park. There are regulators that dictate how the show is going to be. Huge factors such as cultural values that involve do’s and don’ts can be a hard pill to swallow. Especially when ‘love’ is involved.

With the internet, online dating has made the way for most relationships. In this state through the use of dating sites that are major host platforms for such activities. Intermarriages have become the result of this whole process. Bringing about mixture and diluting the culture in the long run. Some of the sites include;


This site is rated the best when it comes to dating in Korea. This is based on the success rate of actually landing a match that ends up being a date and so forth. The AsiaCharm dating site involves paid memberships to guarantee conversation startups. Even though this may seem to be a hindrance, statistics prove that the site holds a large customer base.

The site features several useful avenues. This makes the entire process easy when it comes to finding the ideal partner. Foreigners can video chat their partners, and this confirms that they are real people, and the site is not a scam.


This is ranked as one of the top sites in most Korean dating site lists online. The site assists both men and women to meet one another. The truth of the matter is that this site is not any different from the others. It has only been ranked based on the customer base, and its soul uses to help integrate local and international marriages.


This is a paid dating site that is quite interactive. It caters to the Asian community and people from western backgrounds. The site contains translation tools that break the language barrier. Through the personality and interesting selection section, it becomes easy to find a soul mate. The matching criteria are, without a doubt, top-notch. Allowing girls to match their American boyfriend to specific ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

The Interracial Marriages

Interracial marriages in Korea have grown to be quite unpopular over the recent past few years. A statistic study was conducted and found that foreign marriages had dropped by a staggering 7.8%. The government plays a huge role in making sure the numbers don’t exceed through specific criteria set. This is done before permitting the wedding ceremony to take place. The qualifications set forth include the spouse’s ability to speak the Korean language. In doing so, it is confirmed that the spouse understands the culture. This usually improves communication between partners.

The government also ensures that the spouse is stable by checking their annual incomes. This is done in a bid to curb hasty matched unions.

Korean Interracial Relationships

Being, an interracial couple in Korea, can prove to be challenging. As it involves following the societal rules. Korea is a sensitive cultural state. Though they treat interracial couples with absolute kindness. The public perception is not something to worry about. Although the locals still can’t shy away from glaring at such relationships.

Everything that leads to an interracial marriage comes down to the searching phase. For most foreigners, this is always a nightmare. Singling out Korean women is done through blind dates, which is considered a safe way of doing things. A friend can easily set one up for a date. Especially if they are single friends. Meeting individuals outside school or work circle is not common in Korea. Unless introduced. Dating in Korean is directly intertwined with the values and morals of the state. For example, public display of affection in Korea can be awkward and regarded as misbehavior. Even hugs are not given out in public.

In Korea, splitting the bill is customary. This is related to the complicated concept of Jeong. It involves each person playing a role at every stop. Whether it is going out for dinner or movies.

Korean culture involves celebrating their love after every 100 days. This might be a shocker to most. Since the world and over are used to doing anniversaries in denominations of years. Couples often wear matching outfits, rings, underwear, or even sneakers. These items may also have loving words on them.

The restaurants even have reserved date packages for couples. This may sound overwhelming to men and women from foreign backgrounds. This is due to the fact that their culture does not involve such.

Communications in Korea is done quite often as opposed to the west. Where foreigners prefer the three-day rule. When one does not communicate in a dating scenario is often regarded as a sign of disinterest. Most Koreans use “Kakaotalk”, which is a messenger app that allows them to keep in touch throughout the day.

In Korean culture, it is a norm to have someone you would want to date. You are also allowed to have someone else you could consider marrying at a later point in life. This is because families are involved in marriage processes. The government may revoke some unions.


Korean interracial dating comes across as quite impressive. From the cultural values to the government which usually involved. These are some determinants of the success or failure of the union. This may seem unorthodox and dictating when applied to other parts of the world. Most foreigners may be scared of this.

Cultural values in Korea are held in high esteem. Due to this, it assists in bringing diversity. Which is essential and makes us as human beings even more interesting.