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Disclaimer: The below-mentioned list is our opinion, which in no case is the ultimate truth.

Korean dating sites have grown to be quite popular because they are the easiest way for the singles in Korea to meet the loves of their lives from far off foreign lands. With more South Korea dating sites coming on the scene, foreigners from different countries all over the world have signed up with them to specifically find their beautiful Korean brides.

This is why there are many mail order bride sites to meet this demanding market. Women from South Korea no longer want to date and marry their local men. They want to experience other cultures and unique romance form foreign men. South Korea is a country that is doing great economically and most of these women are not just looking for men from economically well-up countries, they are looking for men who will show them, true love.

Best Korean dating sites

Decent Korean Dating sites

Some of the most reputed online dating sites are as follows:


This is a site that is known for lots of confirmed sign-ups with very active profiles.  The site supports all devices and has the strictest security measures to protect its members. It is a site with amazing features such as chat, video call, messaging and a very efficient search tool to help members find their perfect match and have the nicest online dating experience ever.  Signing up on this site guarantees you your perfect match within a month because of the many profiles of Korean singles available and active.


This is another Asian dating site famous for its huge number of Korean singles profiles signed up.  You will only find genuine people looking for relationships on this site. The registration process is smooth and free.  However, for you to enjoy additional features you have to have a premium subscription to have a better experience. Many have found the loves of their lives on AsianFeels.  This has resulted in countless satisfied individuals who are enjoying marital bliss.


This is another dream come true site for many serious online daters.  It is a site with a great number of signed up Korean singles. It is a site known for its great navigation features that help give you an awesome online dating experience. Loverwhirl has also been known for its tight security, efficient search tool and a great design that makes it user-friendly even to first time online daters. This is one site that will never disappoint  and whatever your online dating needs are, they will be met here on loverwhirl.com.


This is another site that has been known for amazing online dating experiences.  Its lovely and fun features, quality profiles of Korean singles, free and paid subscriptions and a user-friendly interface, AsianMelodies ranks high for great reasons. Many who sign up with AsianMelodies end up as very happy individuals when they finally land their ideal love.


Owned by cupid media,  KoreanCupid is known for its millions of users.  The site is known for its quality profiles from both local and International  Koreans and those who love them. Signing up on this site is free and it has this interactive and multilingual interface which is very useful when it comes to any language barrier issues.   It is a very popular site that has been responsible for many Korean ladies meeting and tying the knot with foreign singles from the west.


For all the Koreans living abroad and would love to meet new people within their surroundings or meet fellow Koreans for dating,  EliteSingles is the perfect platform. It is ideal especially if the dater is learned with a degree and seeking someone who has the same level of education. The site supports over 20 countries making it ideal for Korean singles to meet people from all over the world and experience different dating cultures.


This is another site known for the huge number of Korean singles signed up. It is known for its sleek and modern design which is very user-friendly. Registration on this site is free and allows many members to sign up and make contact with their potential matches.  It has amazing features even with the free membership, but for you to enjoy the best features you will need a paid subscription. Still, it is a dating site worth signing up with.

Why Korean Dating Sites are so Popular

There are many reasons why Korean dating sites are very popular especially with foreign men from the west and European countries. Here are some of them.

Genuine Dating Sites

Most of these Korean dating sites are genuine dating sites complete with security, real profiles, amazing communication features, and very efficient customer care services. Most of these dating sites have many success stories of people finding the love of their lives and starting very happy families.  Many of them have been responsible for bringing people together who would never have met in real life or would never have found true love.

A Great Online Dating Experience

Most of these Korean dating sites offer some decent online dating experience.  You will find the processes very smooth right from the signup process down to the moment you make the first contact with a potential match.  Setting up a profile is usually very easy and the communication features make the whole experience a lot of fun. Unlike the traditional ways of dating where you keep guessing things and hoping they work, with online Korean dating, there is no guesswork. You know a girl likes you  and if you like them back, you let them know and begin the interesting conversations that will eventually lead to an actual date and finally marriage.

Huge Numbers of Profiles

Most of these Korean sites for dating are known for their great number of profiles. Most of them have thousands or millions of very beautiful and sexy Korean singles signed up. This makes it easy for everyone who signs up to find their best match and be on their way to their amazing romance life. There is no excuse for anyone who would love to date a Korean lady to remain single. There are thousands of beautiful singles just waiting for their man to sign up, view their profiles and contact them.

Many Korean Niche Sites

There are many Korean niche sites to cater for all dating needs of people from all over the world. You will find Korean dating sites, for different religious groups,  for the LGBTQ community, for hookups, for certain age groups and many more. Whatever your interests in online dating are, you will not fail to find the woman of your dreams with any of the Korean sites. They are all there for you to find them from different backgrounds and with different personalities.

Little Scam

Korean dating sites are known for their genuineness but like with all things good, some scammers find a way to beat the system and infringe a perfectly fine platform.  However, the authorities that run these sites have been known to take strict security measures to ensure that no scammers make their way into genuine sites. For example, all people who sign up are required to verify their identity and may not access the site if this is not done.

User-Friendly and in Various Languages

Korean dating sites also have very friendly interfaces that make it easy for users to navigate around and make the most of the site. The dating sites are also available not only in Korean but in various languages to cater for singles all over the world.

Korean Women and Their Dating Culture

Korean dating boils down to the culture. As a foreign single interested in dating Korean women you have to know a few things about the women and their dating culture.  This will help you know what to expect when you take your relationship to another level. Here are some interesting facts about Korean women and their dating culture.

Very Humble Women

Korean women are very humble and will speak in soft but firm voices when they are talking about important matters.  They will still speak in soft and firm tones even when they are angry. They always remain humble even when they have every reason to feel aggravated and anything but humble. Korean women recognize humility as a very important trait especially during serious dating and they will always be humble and let the man take the lead.

Love Looking Beautiful for Their Men

When you date a Korean woman, you will notice that she will always go to great lengths to appear beautiful to you.    She will dress up, make her hair and take care of her body to ensure that she stays in shape, looks sexy and beautiful for you. She loves it when you recognize the beauty and compliment her. So make sure you do so often when you meet her and when you first make contact with her online.

Take Dating Seriously

Koreans take dating seriously.  If you are not serious about a girl,  don’t encourage it to go further. Don’t meet her family, because meeting the family means you are serious along the lines of marriage.  Their dating culture only allows for long-lasting relationships. The dating process is quite simple if you are serious.

They Love it When You Learn Korean

You might not be fluent in Korean but make an effort to learn the basics of the language. The Korean woman interested in you probably knows English and they will be very happy when you try to speak to them in their language. This will endear you to them even more and they are likely to accept your proposals because you have shown an interest n their language.

Korean Women Detest Being Rushed

You can never rush a Korean woman because she loves taking her time enjoying herself and savoring precious moments. If you are going out here,  don’t rush her and instead relax and enjoy the moment with her. Just make sure you are not in a hurry in any way on the day you take her out. Let her savor the meal, the conversation, the feeling of being out on a date and make sure she has the best time ever. Even more important don’t rush her to the bed, because she will leave you. She will come to you on her own when she is ready for you to take the relationship to the next step.

Make a Good Impression on the Parents

When you date your Korean lady remember that the opinion of the parents matters a lot.   The parents influence the girl’s choice of husband. If they disapprove, you will most likely break up.  Make sure you are well-dressed, well-mannered and the ideal gentleman when you finally meet the rest of the family.

Financial Stability is Important

You don’t have to be filthy rich like Jeff Bezos, but you should be financially stable. Also, you should be able to take care of yourself, her and the family you will start. You have to have a stable job or business that will support both of you financially and provide a comfortable life.

High Respect for Intimacy

Korean women consider intimacy to be the ultimate sign of a strong relationship. For a Korean woman to finally allow intimacy, she must be in love with you. When she allows intimacy this means you are already engaged for marriage and some also want to wait until marriage to finally do the consummation act.


Dating a Korean woman is exciting and as a foreigner, you have a great advantage over the locals. This is because Korean women are always excited about experiencing new cultures, adventure and a different dating experience than what they are used to within their borders. Most foreign men offer that and more to these Korean ladies which is why they prefer them. They also consider foreign men more romantic which is why the moment you sign up on that Korean dating site, you have a great chance of landing a beautiful Korean babe of your dreams.