How We Create Reviews

Before we deep into the review and create our own accounts on the website we are reviewing, we search for the following information.

  • Audience – number of users, what country they are from, the proportion of male and female users, etc.
  • Design and utility – whether it is easy to use the platform.
  • Creating accounts – what is the verification process, how easy it is, etc.
  • Quality of profiles – whether most members create detailed profiles and uploaded real photos. Whether there are fake accounts, etc.
  • Matchmaking systems – do they work properly and whether members have a chance to find someone compatible.
  • Communication features – icebreakers, how to contact people, etc.
  • Active or inactive – whether the site has ways to give the idea of how many people are online when was the last time the single was online.
  • Security system – what measures do these sites implement in order to prevent scammers and hackers from ruining the positive experience.
  • Support – whether the site has customer support, is it easy to find help and where to find it, when the support replies, etc.
  • Cost of use – whether the site is paid and whether it is worthy of your money and time. Is it expensive, average or cheap?

To gather this information, we are using different services that help in analyzing the activity of the website, where are from most of the users, the number of members, etc. Such factors as a searching tool and matchmaking system we analyze on our own. Now let’s deep into details.

Evaluation of Registration Process

We review some comments of users who were using the site. But it’s important for us to check out the service on our own. We start with registration, and sometimes this process makes other people leave the site. For instance, when the verification email is not sent, or because of some other issues. Usually, the scheme is as follows:

  • How much time do you spend?
  • What data does a user need to insert?
  • Is it necessary to pass an ID verification?
  • Can a user sign in with a Facebook account?
  • How long should you wait for the email (verification)?
  • Does the profile picture need to be approved?
  • Do you have to pass the personality test right away, or can you do it later?

These factors are critical, especially ID-verification. 

Evaluation of Features

One of the most important categories which includes the searching tool, matchmaking system, and other unique options. We are checking whether the site can offer:

  • A decent search and matchmaking – these are the most important things.
  • Whether the site has unique features, for example, only women can contact users first, you can communicate only if you are a match, etc.
  • Whether the site offers translation services.
  • Whether it can offer virtual gifts or other similar services.
  • Are there any games related to dating and meeting the right partner.
  • Are there personality tests and whether they are good, etc.

When we check these things out, we prepare reviews.

Preparing a Review

It’s important to collect some comments from real users and to combine or compare our experience with the experience of these users. When we analyze all that data mentioned above in this article, we can come up with a decent review. Some of the websites, especially new platforms, are even better than the mainstream and popular dating sites. So we are trying to create content that is useful for our readers who want to find love, friendship, or start a romantic relationship.