Best Dating Sites for Men Over 40

Disclaimer: It is up to you to choose the right website, as all the below picks represent only our own opinion and in no case are the ultimate truth.

Dating is something that is not tied to a specific age or race. It is something everyone can successfully engage in. But sometimes most men over 40 find it challenging to find that lady that they like due to several reasons. Sometimes most men over 40 are so engrossed in their career they put everything on hold, including dating. Others are just recovering from a nasty divorce, and they need time to clear their heads. Irrespective of your reasons for waiting out on dating, there has never been a more significant time to date than now.

You might think to yourself, “I am already 40, or I am over 40 is there hope for me in the dating world?” As a matter of fact, there is. You can find a partner for you sooner rather than later. It doesn’t really matter why you’ve been single up till this moment, but you can find your soulmate. In as much as you might be scared of going back to the dating scene again, but you really don’t have to be. Dating isn’t as complicated as it used to be back in the day all thanks to dating sites for men over 40.

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dating sites for men over 40

Look at it this way, being over 40 means you’ve been around for a while now, and you are not the young adult you once were. You’ve had the experience, and you’ve learned a lot of lessons all over the years, and all of this will play a key role in helping you in your dating endeavors.

Over 40 Dating

So, how does an old-timer like you going find love? Well, we’ve already given you a hint earlier. The introduction of the internet has changed the entire dynamics of dating. There are now lots of dating sites that can cater to your over 40 dating needs. Mind you; you will come across lots of online dating sites tailored to the more younger audience; however, there are lots of great dating sites that you can use as an over 40 man.

It is safe to say that as a 40-year-old, you are not interested in a casual fling; what you are looking for is a more serious relationship. Although there are a couple of sites that might be ideal for persons who want to engage in casual dating, what you want to is to channel your passion into finding a more serious relationship. It is for this reason that you need good dating sites for over 40 that align with your dating needs.

Seriousness That Comes With Dating Over 40

It is not wrong to say that what most persons are looking for when they are over 40 is a serious relationship. The days when you were looking for casual thrills are far behind you now, and what you need is what can give you sustained happiness. Dating in your 40s comes with its own requirements. You essentially want to meet someone that you want to fall in love with, and grow something with. Finding someone that shares that same need as you can be difficult to find in normal circumstances, but with the dating sites for men over 40, you can find what you seek easily.

Below is a list of some noticeable sites for men over 40. Have a look at them below and see which one meets your specifications. There is a high chance that you will come across women who share the same values as you, and what’s more, you might find your soul mate in one of them.

Decent Dating Sites for Men Over 40

Elite Singles

This dating site has international acclaim, and it has been in the dating business for a long time. Elite Singles takes out time to ensure they have everything to cater for your over 40 dating needs. The signing up process is easy, although you would have to go through a personal test. This test enables them to get your traits, so they can match you with people who share the same values as you.

Unlike other dating sites that give you the option to search through an extensive list of single women, Elite Singles matches you with 3 to 7 ladies each day. This is one of the standout features of the site, and people love the fact that it presents potential suitors for them, instead of the normal long lists of options. It is excellent for people who want to date over 40. Mind you; there are lots of positive testimonials from people who have used Elite Single for their over 40 needs.


Match has spent more than two decades bringing couples together. It is rated as one of the most reliable dating sites for men over 40. Match takes pride in the fact that they provide a great platform for people to enter into a serious relationship. If you are looking for where to catch a casual fling here and there, sorry to say, Match isn’t for you. It is for people who are serious about dating. Over the years it has remained through to its goal of making dating possible for people irrespective of age. So, as an over 40 years old man, you will love how Match makes it easy for you to connect and find people who share your interests, and values.

How Much

Keep in mind that Match isn’t free. It attracts a monthly subscription that can be paid on a short and long basis. With what Match has to offer, it is safe to say that the subscription is worth it. So anybody who is serious about dating will consider it.

How to Register

The signup process requires you to be honest and accurate when providing the required information. This part is essential, as this is what they use to suggest singles to you. Match uses your information to recommend fitting singles to you. So whenever you are presented with a list of singles, you can be confident that they are people who complement you in every way. Remember just as you are taking out time to fill your profile. So also, are the other people on the platform. Keep in mind, it is a place for people looking to start a serious relationship, so ensure your priorities align with the goal of this dating site.

In addition, Match also provides a whole new way for people to meet other than online. Through Match Events, you can get to meet singles in your areas in a group setting, and get to interact with them. So, whether online or physically. Match has got you over 40 dating needs covered.


eHarmony is another dating site that has been offering reliable services to men over 40 for years now. They find your match via a proprietary questionnaire. It gauges your emotional health, beliefs, amongst other things. eHarmony is centered on creating couples. They build an environment where people can meet, fall in love, and build a long-lasting relationship. In most cases, they lead to marriage. It is not designed for those looking for a causal relationship but rather who wants a committed relationship. The great thing about eHarmony is that the more you use it, the more you start to get search results that align with your personality.

eHarmony is right up there with other worthy dating sites for men over 40. Their sound approach to dating along with exceptional features, and not to mention the plethora of women looking to date men over 40 on the site, it is your perfect bet to find your soulmate at your age.

Love Again

Love Again is a great dating platform for mature daters, most notably those who are over 40. It is designed to make dating easy for you. The platform is very simple to use. You can connect with people via messages, group chats, and even forums. One standout feature of Love Again is that it helps you to find a potential date within your age bracket.

Asian Melodies

There are lots of dating websites that give you a high chance of finding love even at 40. AsianMelodies is a perfect choice. What most men don’t realize is that there are lots of Asian women who are looking for men above 40 to enter into a serious relationship with. Asian Melodies has a plethora of such women that you can meet. Registration on the site is easy, and it boasts of a large number of women who match your specifications and requirements. Most importantly, the site makes it was for you to find and connect with women who want to date men over 40.


The great thing about dating sites for men over 40 is that you will find women who have the same interests, and values as you. What’s more, online dating isn’t as difficult as it seems, and you can easily find women who meet your preferences and connect with them. The great thing about dating sites over 40 is that there are lots of women that meet your needs, and this makes it easy for you to find the person of your dreams.

The truth is that there are lots of dating sites for over 40 on the internet. You have to ensure you are making use of a website that not only meets your needs but also has the reputation of providing reliable services. To make your search easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of over 40 online dating sites for you. They provide you with great service while also giving you maximum satisfaction.