Best Cougar Dating Sites

Disclaimer: Whatever the choice you’ll make, the final decision is up to you because all of the below represents only the author’s opinion.

The traditional belief when it comes to love relationships is that men best go for women who are younger than they are. No matter how large the age difference might be, such relationships never elicit prejudiced reactions as much as a man dating a much older woman do. Despite the evolvement of cultural beliefs to accept and respect each person’s unique characteristics, cougar dating is still a highly controversial subject in society. That alone makes it very difficult for interested persons to find love, but even that hasn’t stopped the widespread of cougar/cub relationships. It is fast becoming the in-thing!

cougar dating website

Women who think they cannot find love again can see and even marry the perfect companion as youthful men, who long to have a protective and much more mature partner, seek them out. Online dating platforms are the rave right now when it comes to cougar dating and these sites are just the perfect go-to.

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This website has been running for years and is fast becoming a popular platform that offers good dating services. Strictly for the heterosexual, RomanceTale has a burgeoning number of users, which gives you more abundant options when it comes to finding the perfect partner. The platform makes cougar dating very easy as you get to filter your searches to fit for a much older or much younger partner precisely. In addition, with its powerful search tool, RomanceTale makes the problematic chore of finding a cougar or cub a menial one. Be it a serious relationship or just a passionate fling; this highly secured website is the go-to. So all you have to do is tap away in the confines of your home. Love Awaits!


Cougar dating online can be very unsettling considering that all you have is this one window to meet someone new located at seemingly far ends of the world. However, RomanceTale ameliorates this and instead makes the process an exciting one. I hear many old beliefs about what people think the age difference between prospective partners cougar dating should be. But I consider them all shenanigans knowing that when it comes to finding love, age is nothing but a number! So don’t mind any of those and go with your heart! Luckily, RomanceTale gives you a large number of options to do this as it allows everyone, of the legal age of consent, 18, become a member.

If you so choose to, creating an account is just one easy step on RomanceTale. There are no financial constraints on you starting, which I mainly found delightful considering that I get to have a sneak peek of sorts into the stunning variety of women and just how the website operates. RomanceTale has a team always ready to provide all the support you need as you start your cougar dating journey.

To create an account, all you are required to do is provide necessary information like:

  • Your love interests
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Email
  • Password

Note that the site makes sure to keep essential details like your email address confidential. They, however, require that you confirm it is your account by sending a confirmation link to your email. On getting into the dating website, they implore new members to fill out questionnaires, a vital step to becoming a certified member. The first form is designed to get all of your specific needs in your prospective partner while the second includes questions that let you disclose personal information about yourself. With its effective methods of keeping the platform secured, you need not fear getting scammed by fellow members.



  • Easy to use and modern site layout
  • Highly secured
  • A fast-growing number of users
  • Top-notch matches based on your specifications


  • Expensive
  • Strictly heterosexual


While VictoriaDates is not strictly limited to finding cougars or cubs, the site has risen to become a rather trendy one. It has a very modern layout that manages to fit all the services it offers on them. Everyone is welcome on VictoriaDates, gays, lesbians, or bisexuals; there is something for everyone! So I felt like I had control over a lot of things going through this site. I had a wide variety of options so much so that getting some kinky fun if I so desired, posed no problem! VictoriaDates is also a premium site, one crucial fact that I think is vital when it comes to cougar dating. After all, the feeling of having a more mature woman protect and care for you is of high significance when finding cougars.


That, however, shouldn’t scare you into not starting a relationship on VictoriaDates for fear of being a victim of fraud. Much like most premium dating sites, the administration makes the security of its users’ top priority. They use the newest technology to protect your personal information like your phone number, email address, and more so that no other person has access to it. The platform also takes security to an even higher level by laying the rule that a member caught goading another into giving him/her money will be permanently banned. They are not tame, and that alone was enough encouragement for me. What is, even more, is that they have numerous questionnaires aimed at revealing personal details about yourself. Having gone through the process of filling them and listing my specifications, I was sure of how amazing and easy finding myself a match would be.



  • A large community of like-minded singles
  • Friendly team ever ready to guide you
  • Top-notch security
  • Powerful search quality


  • Pricey – you need to buy credits to maintain communication with other members.


Next up is AsianFeels, a website ideally suited for cougar dating. It boasts lots of users who are seeking the perfect partners just like you are! AsianFeels also offers a wide variety of Asian men and women. There are a significant fraction of people who think it is almost impossible to find a gorgeous and exotic lover. Well, AsianFeels proves that wrong with its wide variety of people from all over Asia be it Indian, Korean, Chinese, or even Singaporean! So if you thought the dating sites above were not the perfect thing for finding cougars, try AsianFeels!

They add that spiciness to cougar dating by offering mainly Asian singles. If you are adventurous and seek something quite different from the norm, then getting an Asian cougar/cub is highly recommended.



  • Modern website layout
  • Easy communication with members
  • A large variety of exotic women


  • A bit pricey


To conclude, these three websites provide excellent dating services that make finding yourself a cougar or cub an easy job. As aforementioned, they are a bit pricey, but I even consider that advantageous when it comes to finding love while cougar dating. You’d agree that only persons with interests as strong enough would ever dabble into paying money to maintain their online dating persona. So what are you waiting for!?