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When you have a busy schedule and your mind is always occupied with work or studying, it is difficult to find a partner for a serious relationship. People simply have no time and desire to go out and look for a candidate. Plus, it’s sometimes difficult to start a conversation.

But the good thing that we all know how to use the Internet. There are websites where anyone can find a partner for a serious and long-lasting relationship. is one of such sites.

It’s an international platform where people from almost all corners of the world can find their soulmates. It’s a positive project that does not tolerate hate comments and violent behavior. This platform is gathering people that want to fall in love and they don’t care about the distance.

About AsiaCharm

Asiacharm registration

One interesting feature of this site which distinguishes this project from other similar platforms – creators encourage people to create video content and upload it. Why is it so important? Because users can hear the voice and see the gestures of the other person. So, this way it is easier to find a suitable partner, rather than to look at somebody’s pictures.

Creators of this site do not require the usage of professional photos. The only requirement is to upload real photos, preferably in good quality – so there won’t be any inconveniences in distinguishing facial features. In this review, we will tell you about the pros and cons of this website. Is it easy to use? Is it a scam or a 100% real and reliable platform?


When you visit, the first thing you notice is the design. It is stylish, you don’t see annoying advertisements to buy products that you don’t need. You only see what you really need. Nothing is distracting your attention. A registration form pops up immediately in the left part of the display.

If you scroll a bit down, you’ll see examples of those who are seeking for a soulmate. Males and females of all ages from different countries are trying to find partners for long-lasting relationships. You can click on a button below “Meet” to start seeking for a partner, but first, you need to register.

Easy to Use

Asiacharm dating website

Scroll a bit more down and you can find information about safety while you use this website. Website is using safe protocols and reliable encryptions in order to protect all users. So, you don’t need to be worried about your safety. All the information is strictly private, no one will ever find out or steal the user’s financial data.

Below users will find general information about, although people will be redirected to another page. At the bottom of the page, there are links to interesting articles, such as dating tips, guidelines, safety tips, etc.

After registration and filling the profile, a person can finally search for a potential partner. All the tools are useful and convenient. Search parameters will allow you to find a person of a preferable age, sex, country, etc. And it’s easy to create an account and fill it with information, photos and videos.

So, the conclusion is that is easy to use. It’s convenient to navigate here, you can find all the necessary information, the content is useful and interesting. There are no ads here, and this is a great advantage. All the blocks in this website are useful, nothing distracts your attention.


Asiacharm faces

You can’t see profiles, pictures or other information about website users. It’s a part of the safety system when unregistered strangers are not allowed to contact you or see your photos. It’s a great advantage since no one wants unknown people to see you or what you post on your page.

The registration is simple and it doesn’t take too much time. All you need is to go to this address and you will find a registration form in an upper left corner. Then complete these steps:

  • Choose who you want to find. There are only two available options – a man seeking a woman, and a woman seeking a man.
  • Then enter your name – preferably real name, not a nickname.
  • Choose the date when you were born – specify day, month and year. Your age will appear in your account.
  • Then enter your valid e-mail address. You’ll receive verification code or a link via mail, so you can verify that you are a real person. Sometimes a message can be sent to “spam”.
  • Create and enter a password – it’s advised to use letters and numbers. You will use this password to log in into the system
  • Click on the option “I have read Terms of service…” – to finish registration.


After you finish with registration, you’ll have to complete a quick questionnaire concerning your perfect partner. This information will be used to pick the best available option on this website. Users have to pick such options as “I’m looking for…” and answers – marriage, someone who is good with kids, looking for a wife or husband, etc. But you can skip this questionnaire and simply fill your account.

After completing that questionnaire or skipping it, you can choose your date’s preferable age and preferable weight, etc. Then fill in information about where you live (country and city), birthday date, body type, marital status, etc.

The website pays attention to details, and that’s perfect. If you are patient enough, you can fill in all the information so that the system will immediately pick the best choices depending on your preferences. It is advised to upload your photo since potential partners are more willing to chat with people that have photos.

Search and Profile Quality

Asiacharm profiles

You can use a simple and extended search. The first option requires picking the age and validated or not validated accounts. But if you use an extended search, you can choose the country, city, marital status, religion, drinking habits of a candidate, does he/she have children, smoking habits, etc.

This means that you can narrow your search to a good extent. If you definitely know what person you want to see near you for the rest of your life, you might want to use those filters. And a little piece of advice – it’s best to pick only validated accounts. Validated accounts are verified, so the risk is lower.

Profile quality is high since you have to fill a good portion of information about your preferences. Why is that good? Because the chances of finding your perfect match are way higher than if users would only fill the information about their age, sex, etc.


The creators of this website are concerned about people’s safety, so they are using any possible means to protect users. In order to exclude the unwanted experience, the site is using safety protocols in order to disable any possible dangerous actions. The site is 100% legit, so you don’t have to worry about losing personal information.

But as everyone knows, some people, even with validated accounts, might want to deceive those who are seeking love. That is why it is advised to read safety tips. Here you can find suggestions that can keep you safe. You can find those pieces of advice here As you might notice, the protocol is https, which means that the connection is secure.


Asiacharm price

The website is not free, after some period you will have to buy the subscription. The reason for using a paid model is to exclude those men and women that use dating websites just for fun. This is why the website can be considered as safe.

You don’t have to worry that someone will make fun of you since such people are not registered here. Although gives new users free credits to find out whether this site fits their needs and preferences. You can use your preferred payment method and buy the subscription.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple and stylish design.
  • The website has various tools to select the best candidate from those who are registered on a site.
  • is an international platform – you can find a partner in almost any corner of our world.
  • Safety – the website is using only secured protocols and encryptions that disable scammers and malicious software from damaging your devices or stealing money from your bank account.
  • Paid model – although someone would consider this as a disadvantage, this model works and excludes scammers.


  • You have to wait for a while to receive an e-mail in order to verify your account.

Conclusion is a reliable platform where people finally can find love. The website cares about user’s safety and uses any possible means to ensure that scammers won’t interfere. It uses a paid model, so you will have to buy the subscription. But the good thing is that they also give you free credits in order to verify that the website can meet the user’s needs. For sure, this site might help you to change your status from single to married.