Armenian Brides

Love is a universal language spoken and understood by all irrespective of race and cultural differences. It unites people and breaks the barriers that geographical lines seem to impose on individuals.

In the 21st century, love has become a key ingredient in taking people who do not fancy leaving their country to other parts of the world in search of love and the one they would marry, and the best part is, their journey is made virtually before becoming physical.

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To this end, men are taking to the mail-order bride trend, and singing up on dating sites in search of that special one. For a lot of them, the internet road leads to Armenia.

The former Soviet Union (FSU) country is in between the mountainous Caucasus region between Asia and Europe. Their way of life is a blend of the cultures of both continents.

Despite this fact, the Armenian brides are unique and nothing like their continental neighbors.

In this article, you will see the features that set them apart. You will also learn how to behave when dating girls from this country. But the most important – we will tell you on which dating platforms you could meet Armenian beauties.

Characteristics of Armenian Mail-Order Brides

armenian brides

Hearing about what differentiates girls from different countries might sometimes seem like a cliché. But when it comes to beautiful Armenia women, everything about them is fresh and unique.

When you choose to marry an Asian lady from this country, what you get is a girl whose life is an open book without pretensions and false airs. Armenia girls are indeed a breath of fresh air.  So any man would be happy to have them in their life. Here are some features that set them apart.

Armenian Women Are Like Chameleons

They can adapt to any environment or life situation as long if they are in the company of the men they love. They truly embody the saying “”Ride or die”. So when things go wrong, they do not call in wolf give excuses and run. But they stick with you through it all, because to them, you either swim or sink together. This trait equally speaks to their deep sense of loyalty and faithfulness. With online dating, wondering about your love interest who is thousands of miles away can put a strain on the relationship. However, with Armenia girls, you ‘don’t have to worry.

They Are Devoted to Their Partner

Armenian women for marriage will never date two men at the same time. Once they are in your corner, they are there to stay. You should repay their love and trust. You can be sure that in this life, they will not forgive such an act of betrayal.

They Are Family-Focused

These girls also place a premium on having a family, which includes having children. Unlike some of their European neighbors, these ladies know and understand that a woman should always value her kids and spouse, and not put them second to their careers.

While all these traits are beautiful and laudable, people do judge books by their covers, and before a man decides to find out the qualities of a lady, he is first attracted by how she looks.

Outer Beauty

Armenian single ladies have exotic dark hair and eyes; their skin is white, and they have a small stature that makes them look like a damsel waiting for her prince charming.

Outer Beauty

However, although these ladies are gorgeous, they also have an inner beauty that radiates from the inside to the outside, and they are good cooks, humble, respectful, hospitable, and excellent entertainers.

What to Expect When Dating Armenian Women

armenian beautiful lady

It takes more than having two consenting adults to have a successful relationship; some things are expected to make it flourish, and those involved have to adhere to them.

Armenian brides are a delight to have in your life, but to make it forever without an end, here are some things that these ladies expect of you.

First Date is Important

Firstly, first dates are very significant in Armenian women dating, and there are strict rules derived from their cultures and traditions that you must abide with.

It is an insult to ladies from the Eurasian country for you to hint on getting intimate on a first date; so when you finally meet her in person after dating online for a while, make sure to avoid sexual topics, so you ‘don’t scare her away.

They Expect Your to be Honest

Also, Armenia brides dating involves total honesty and transparency; ‘don’t lie to your woman, openly discuss your interests, your plans for the future, and how serious you take your relationship with her.

They Want Serious Relationship

Note that for most women, the end product of a relationship should be a happily ever after, white picket fence kind of scenario, so if you ‘don’t want that, ‘don’t waste her time because these ladies are looking for something lasting, not a fling or a one-night stand.

Be Polite

Be a gentleman and treat your woman like a lady. She expects you to hang her coat, get the door, and pull up a chair for her to sit before you do.

Dress Appropriately

You will also score points if you dress smart but casual; no business suits when on a date please, and whatever you do, always show Armenian brides that you are in charge, and not quickly ruled by your emotions.

Be Positive

Having a positive attitude will also impress Armenian mail-order brides; they want to know that you ‘won’t crumble under pressure, and in tough times, you will be strong enough to ride through the storm with them.

So, if you think you have all it takes to meet these expectations, ‘let’s talk about the best places to find them.

Where To Find Armenian Mail-Order Brides

single armenian ladies

One of the best things that human beings created is the internet, which is the home of virtual dating, the answer to the silent wishes of many.

There are several dating sites, but some of them are not reliable nor well protected. In your interest and to ensure you don’t fall victim to fraudulent individuals, here are some that you can trust:

It provides you with a vast database of real girls with real lives. The profiles ‘you’ll find here are looking for a relationship that will end in marriage, so if ‘that’s what you want, sign up here. Also, AsiaCharm offers affordable additional services, and if you choose to, you can exchange your personal information with other users; it is very secure and has a strict verification process.

It has over a million active users; you will also find success stories from men who found their wives on this site. At RomanceTale, registration is at zero cost, and new members are given free credits to check out the advanced features. It has a 97% reply rate and has received five-star ratings for its ease of use and efficiency.

The reviews for this site is excellent; its existence spans ten years, and there are a lot of testimonials that speak to its excellent services. AsianFeels offers a unique search feature that helps you find a match based on the traits you want. It has a mobile app and creates a safe and friendly environment to get to know your love interest.

AsianMelodies is present in over thirty countries, and Armenian brides are one of the most sought after here. It focuses on those who are interested in long-term relationships, and it is free of fraudulent people. Its homepage contains its security information; it is Visa, and MasterCard SecureCode verified, and it equally has a support staff that is available all day, every day to attend to any complaints you have.

No one can guarantee complete safety — even the CIA get hacked — but with these sites, you can trust that your personal information is protected and will not end up in the hands of a third party.


Finding someone to love, trust, and spend the rest of your life with can be tough, and most people are scared of investing time, energy, and money into a relationship that might not work out in the end. Online dating gives you a platform to rid yourself of those doubts, and with Armenian brides, there is an assurance of getting back everything you give of yourself in the relationship, if not more.

Thus, if you are a serious-minded man who is ready to commit to one woman, pick a beautiful Armenia girl as your wife for a life filled with love, mutual respect, but most importantly, a partner in every sense of the word. Sign up with one of the dating sites mentioned above, and begin your journey to finding that woman who is your soulmate; she is a click of a button away.